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Swap Positive Featured on Tokyo TV!

Yuki Asahina from Tokyo TV sent a link to the web page for the TV program which featured Swap Positive in their economic segment!


Go 2/3 down the page and you’ll find the video. You can see the Swap Positive segment between 4:12-5:41 minutes.  Even though I don’t speak Japanese, I can see by the flavor of the other segments that this was a ‘save money’ segment for their economic magazine news report.

Yuki added “I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to meet with you and your community and we have enjoyed our stay in Portland.”
Thank you Swappers for sharing kindness, recycling, community, and thrift with the world!
Barb Hughes
P.S.  Tokyo TV said the reason they chose Swap Positive to be on their Economic Magazine Show was because we had the highest SEO for this sort of thing.  On 05.17.19 I consulted IT expert, Ilene Klang. Ilene reported that since Swap Positive is currently a free wordpress site, it only gives some data…but it’s excellent data – the kind that Advertisers LIKE A LOT:
1. Very consistent views
2. Very “Sticky” views – people come to the site and stay/look around.


Ilene suggested with my leadership and Swap Positive mission/message for CEO’s, and the online data for CFO’s, I should pitch partnership to forward-thinking business.  So here’s my pitch: I want to create partnerships with businesses who want to expand their sustainability/recycling programs through Swap Positive in their communities, while benefitting local nonprofits.  If you are a proactive business, or an individual who wants to help support the growth of Swap Positive for good, please click our contact page for more information on how you can tangibly help.