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Join Portland’s Pay-it-forward movement on Rooster

Wanna swap more than stuff?  Swap positive is excited to kick off Portland’s pay-it-forward movement Sign up to join us on Rooster >> Rooster is a place where like minded individuals get together to help, borrow, share and reuse with one another for free, in the spirit of generosity and paying it forward to their local communities. Originally started in the California Bay Area, the movement quickly grew to 10,000 families and individuals who share their time and resources with one another: They hand down used sofas, TVs and kitchen appliances, borrow baseball bats and baby cribs and get together to paint fences and co-walk their dogs. Roosters are people who embrace giving, sharing, helping, recycling and reusing and we think you should be a part of it. Sign up to join us on Rooster >> Yours truly, Swap positive team

See the history/story of Rooster here.