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Thank you

I wanted to personally thank the swap volunteers and all the swappers who attended the December 13th Holiday Gift and Toy Swap.

My husband Chris was taken by ambulance to the hospital Friday December 12th experiencing great pain*.  He was diagnosed with Mesenteric Adenitis, which mimics appendicitis so closely that Continue reading


Update: Free Swappers Help Street Store!

Here’s an update from Kelsey Painter on the Swap Remainders she gathered for the Portland Free Street Store.  What a positive difference you make every time you bring your used items to a free swap – a positive difference for your own wardrobe, having free frugal fun with friends, and sharing so others can have fun, too.  Thanks for your willingness to play.

Barb Hughes

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Good morning!

Firstly, I wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to you for all of your support, kindness, hard work, and follow through with the Street Store. It was a whirlwind of a day, but with so much help it went by supremely  Continue reading

Grateful swapper tells a ‘Swap Positive’ story!

I got the following note today from a grateful swapper who wished to remain anonymous.  It’s stories like this that make my heart sing and my hands happy to serve in our free swap community.  We all are privileged to be in the presence of caring ladies (and teens and men) who bring things in great shape, take what we need, and give back to ourselves and others freely:

Dear fellow swappers,

I want to thank everyone for making the December gift swap such a wonderful experience.  I had fun talking to many of you and it was fun Continue reading