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Spring Stuff Swap, NE PDX, April 11th

Kind and courteous women, men, and teens are invited!  Combine spring cleaning and free frugal fun!  Your in-good-condition stuff will be loved by someone else, your home will be less cluttered, you’ll find new-to-you items you CAN use…plus, all remainders will be given away to others in the community!   Think of the saving$, recycling, philanthropy, and good karma flowing around:) If you’ve never been to a gift swap or stuff swap, see one in action here.

Due to space constraints and so everyone has fun, You must read and  Reserve Your Spot at this swap! (details on reserving spot below)

Please leave babies, toddlers and grade school children safely at home with a sitter.

When: Saturday April 11th, 2015 2pm (arrive between 1:30 and 1:50 to get a parking spot, and to set your stuff out before the swap Continue reading


RSVP for the Holiday Gift and Toy Swap, NE PDX, December 13th

Time to RSVP for the Holiday Gift and Toy Swap! This has become a FAVORITE Holiday tradition!  Combine house cleaning, gift shopping, philanthropy, and free frugal fun!

To attend, you must read all the instructions below, agree to our terms, and get your RSVP confirmation (details below).  The 2014 HOLIDAY GIFT & TOY SWAP is Saturday December 13th at 2pm at the Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst in the gym. Continue reading

Gather your goodies for the Spring Stuff Swap NE Portland April 12th

The Spring Stuff Swap is full due to venue space constraints. However, Anna attendswap@gmail.com has started a wait list, so if you want to email her to get on the wait list, if someone cancels she can slip you in!  (And if you find that you or one of your guests can’t make it to the swap, please notify Anna as soon as possible so she can offer your space to the next in line).  We are all volunteers and do this for fun.  Since we don’t get paid, we ask that NO money changes hands.  If you get it for free, then you give it away for free (no re-selling anything you get for free at a Free Swap.)  If you want to know more about why free swaps are unique, look here.   Also, here are the free swap rules, and a video that shows a free swap in action.

If you’ve been notified by Anna that you’re already on the RSVP list, this Saturday April 12th is the Spring Stuff Swap in NE Portland!  Stuff and Gift swaps happen twice a year at this location – once in April, once in December.  This is a reminder to take one more search around your house for items to bring this Saturday.   It’s free frugal fun, home de-cluttering, being a philanthropist (all swap remainders are given away to people in need, not sold), and visiting with like-minded people…talk about multi-tasking!

Kind and courteous women, men, and teens are invited.  We are expecting 150 people, so leave babies, toddlers and grade school children safely at home Continue reading

Seed Swap, SE PDX, January 29th

*Just found out about this!*

Seed Swap at the People’s Food Coop Farmer’s Market Wednesday January 29th from 2pm-7pm.

For the seed swap to go well, please do the following:

Bring seeds to offer into the swap. It’s a seed swap, not a seed giveaway. While we’d like to focus primarily on vegetables, medicinals and other “functional” species, seeds for ornamentals are cool too. No GMO or fumigated seeds, please.

For more information and to RSVP for this seed swap meetup, click here.

Fall Plant swap, SE PDX, October 5th

Welcome Autumn! We had so much fun at our June Plant Swap we’re doing it again! “Swap”ortunities abound!

Come join us on Saturday, October 5th for our Fall Plant Swap!

While you prepare your gardens for the coming season you might be considering that a little “remodeling” is in order. As all true gardeners in the Pacific NW know, fall is the perfect time to plant shrubs, perennials, and bulbs. So, now is the time to swap your “too-muches” for your “gotta-haves”! Let’s divide and conquer now in preparation for this fun event!

Date: Saturday, October 5th

Where: Learning Gardens Laboratory, 6801 SE 60th Avenue, Portland

Timeline:  9:30am Arrive with your plants to swap.     10:00am to 11:00am Swap plants!   11am Plant Swap-ends. Take your plants. Remainders will be donated.

What to bring:

* Plants to swap and share: perennials, evergreens, ornamentals, houseplants, bulbs, perennial herbs, even seeds! Bring plants in pots/containers, already Continue reading