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Volunteers Needed for the Spring Stuff Swap!

This post is a call for volunteers!  Be part of the Fun! Choose to volunteer for the 2017 Spring Stuff Swap in NE Portland! At only twice a year, this is a very popular and well attended swap where kind women, men, and teens bring usable treasures they no longer use, and go home with new-to-you items they love or can give as gifts, all for free! Tentative date is Saturday April 8th when we get all volunteer positions below filled. Volunteer only 15-45 minutes either before or after the swap. Feel free to choose how you would like to help to make the magic happen below.


1-2 people who will greet and sign in swappers as they arrive (before swap). 

1-2 Person(s) or non-profit organizations with van(s) who will ‘play Santa’ and pick up and give away remainders for free to a charity who gives away the items, not sells them (after swap).  

4 people who will bring boxes and bag/box up remainders (after swap). 

(02/25/17 We now have all the volunteers we need for this position) 3 people who will help swappers put out their things (before swap).

2 people to bring a vacuum cleaner(s) and extension cord(s) to vacuum venue (after the swap).  

Thanks for letting me know if you can help in the comment section below, and I’ll contact you with further details. By volunteering, you assure your place at this very popular swap!

When  all the volunteers are in place, details such as what to bring, and a special  RSVP email address will be listed on the Swap Positive site after the third week in March.

Barb Hughes

Swap Volunteer(s) Needed for Craft Swap

A big appreciation Thank You to Volunteer Megan McCoy, the Craft Supplies Swap coordinator and hostess for these past few years! Megan is ready to pass along the swap organization and hosting to new volunteer(s).  The position is now open – if you are interested in taking over hosting the Craft Supplies Swap, please contact Megan at paganmegan@gmail.com  for more information.  I believe Megan took care of all the details herself, but if you take over this position, you can choose to create a team of three volunteers – one to greet/host at the event, one to book the venue, and one to find an organization or individual who will take the remainders and give them away.  In addition to talking with Megan about how shes organized her swap, here’s some other tips on how to organize a free swap https://swappositive.wordpress.com/about/start-a-free-swap/