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Volunteers needed for the 2017 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!

Calling volunteers for the 13th annual Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!  The tentative date is Saturday December 9th, 2017, starting at 2pm at the Evergreen Community Church gym in NE Portland.  After all the volunteer positions are filled we’ll post how to RSVP on the Swap Positive site (usually around mid-November).  If you’d like to volunteer, send your name and what position(s) you’d like, to swappositive @ gmail (dot) com. By volunteering you’ll assure yourself a place at the swap, and not only have free fun but help others, too!


Two people who will greet and sign in swappers as they arrive.  Good job for people who like to stay in one spot and greet/sign-in people. Arrive at 1:00pm on day of swap to pick up clipboards.

4-5 people who will help swappers put out their things.  Good job for people who like to move around and help other people. If you see someone come in with a lot of stuff, ask them if they’d like help putting things out in rows, then help them. Arrive 1:15pm.

4-5+ people who will bring boxes and bag/box up remainders after swap.  Good job for a family or service group, but also fun for individuals who like to take one last look at the goodies to see if anything strikes their fancy.  Please bring extra boxes and bags (ask around – many stores will give you free packing boxes).  Arrive any time between 1pm and 2pm so you have time to put out your own stuff.  Start packing up around 2:45pm or whenever the crowd has thinned out, and stay until everything is packed up (est. 3:15pm).

1-2 Person(s) with van(s) or an organization who will pick up and give away remainders for free to a charity who gives away the items, not sells them (Basically, you get to be Santa). Bring a van to pick up already boxed/bags or remainders on day of swap between 3:00pm and 3:15pm, then deliver them and make lots of people happy!

2-3 people to bring vacuum cleaner(s) and extension cord(s) to vacuum after the swap.  Good for people who have a vacuum and like vacuuming.  It’s a LOT quicker for several volunteers to bring vacuums and extension cords so they can each vacuum a portion of the gym.  Come before 2pm to put out your stuff for the swap.  Estimate around 3:00pm – 3:15pm is when you begin vacuuming.



Free Frugal Fun continues – Volunteer with van needed to deliver remainders April 8th

UPDATE: As of 04/06/17 we’ve got most of this covered!  Olivia from the IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization) will be picking up the remainders with the help of swap volunteers Christie and Chris.  Olivia can take all the remainders except for the fabric (ie we need someone who will take all clothing, bedding, towels, and other fiber.)  Please let me know if you’d like to take the cloth items and deliver them to an organization that you help with. You can take the clothing to another clothing swap, or the towels/sheets to the humane society, as some suggestions.  Please email me at urbanfarmerpdx1@yahoo.com.

After enjoying the free swap this Saturday, how about lending a hand with your van?  we need a volunteer(s) with a van to deliver the remainders after the Spring Stuff Swap April 8th in NE Portland!

Our previous non-profit, The Paying It Forward Store, let us know he can’t take the remainders this time. We’ve got two non-profits who would LOVE the remainders, but need someone to deliver them.  You can choose to deliver to Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), or Birch Community Services, or both.

Remainders will be boxed up by volunteers and ready to load into your van around 3:15pm Saturday April 8th.

Please email me at urbanfarmerpdx1@yahoo.com for details on helping deliver the goodies after the swap, and play a part in passing on the free frugal fun!

Greeter(s) and Cleaner(s) needed April 8th 2017

(WE HAVE ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS as of  03/09/17! Stay tuned for detailed information about how to RSVP for the 12th Annual Spring Stuff Swap!) Hi Swappers!  We still need some volunteers so we can hold the Spring Stuff Swap on April 8th 2017!  If you volunteer – you assure yourself a place at the swap!  Two REALLY easy jobs still need to be filled:

(03/03/17 this position has been filled!) 1-2 people who will greet and sign in swappers as they arrive.  You greet people at the door and have them check off their name from the RSVP list.  Easy.  Arrive between 1:00pm and 1:15pm on day of swap to pick up a clipboard that has the RSVP list.

(03/08/17 this position has been filled!) 1-2 people to bring a vacuum cleaner(s) and extension cord(s) to vacuum venue after the swap. Since the venue donates the space for free, we are responsible for returning it to them in good shape.  We ask that swappers bring only items that are clean, so there’s usually not that much to vacuum up at the end.  Estimate around 3:00pm – 3:15pm.

Thanks for letting us know if you can volunteer to sign people in before the Spring Stuff Swap, and/or vacuum after the Spring Stuff Swap on April 8th!  You can reply below, or email me at urbanfarmerpdx1@yahoo.com  If you’ve never been to a free gift or stuff swap, here’s what one looks like!

Volunteers Needed for the Spring Stuff Swap!

This post is a call for volunteers!  Be part of the Fun! Choose to volunteer for the 2017 Spring Stuff Swap in NE Portland! At only twice a year, this is a very popular and well attended swap where kind women, men, and teens bring usable treasures they no longer use, and go home with new-to-you items they love or can give as gifts, all for free! Tentative date is Saturday April 8th when we get all volunteer positions below filled. Volunteer only 15-45 minutes either before or after the swap. Feel free to choose how you would like to help to make the magic happen below. Continue reading

Swap Volunteer(s) Needed for Craft Swap

A big appreciation Thank You to Volunteer Megan McCoy, the Craft Supplies Swap coordinator and hostess for these past few years! Megan is ready to pass along the swap organization and hosting to new volunteer(s).  The position is now open – if you are interested in taking over hosting the Craft Supplies Swap, please contact Megan at paganmegan@gmail.com  for more information.  I believe Megan took care of all the details herself, but if you take over this position, you can choose to create a team of three volunteers – one to greet/host at the event, one to book the venue, and one to find an organization or individual who will take the remainders and give them away.  In addition to talking with Megan about how shes organized her swap, here’s some other tips on how to organize a free swap https://swappositive.wordpress.com/about/start-a-free-swap/