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The Treasure Hunting Begins…

Swappers were pretty excited about the February size 6-12 (small/medium) clothing swap at the Evergreen Community Church gym (formerly PCL /Presbyterian Church Of Laurelhurst building in NE Portland).  We hadn’t swapped clothes since November 2016 due to the Gift swap in December, and being iced out in January. This is play time for those who love de-cluttering, treasure hunting, and refreshing wardrobes for absolutely free! Plus we had lots of remainders that were picked up this time by the Pay It Forward Store to be shared with others in our community for free.

Everyone who comes to Free Swaps not only gets to de-clutter and have an hour or so of free entertainment, but each person gives AND receives AND is a philanthropist AND helps the environment by keeping usable items out of landfills.  Thank you for being a part of the free frugal fun! Everyone who contributes in a free swap participates in the magic to make it all happen.


Photo taken before the February 11th free swap in NE Portland. Can you feel the buzz of excitement in the room?

Swapper Shay Featured in June Resourceful Portland Article

Remember when Alicia from Resourceful Portland interviewed swappers and took photos at the 2016 Spring Stuff Swap?  Well, check out this amazing story about Swap Positive and Free Swaps featuring swapper Shay Mullins in the June  Resourceful Portland blog!

Sustainability Agency Checks Out Spring Stuff Swap 2016

Hi Swappers!   Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday for the Spring Stuff Swap in NE Portland.  Some special guests are coming: my friend Alicia and some staff from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS).

If you are a regular or semi-regular swapper, Alicia and Blythe are looking for a swapper or two to ask a few questions on why you like free swaps, get some pictures of you looking happy and having fun, then write an article that will be part of the June Portland Curbsider, and blog posts for BPS!  You might become famous for having free frugal fun, being sustainable, and making a positive difference!  And of course you’ll be freeing yourself of household clutter, and getting some new-to-you things that you’ll use and enjoy, catch up with friends, and be a philanthropist (the PSU Student Re-Use Free Store, and the Paying It Forward Free Store are both recipients of this months remainders)!

Photographer Kristin plans to stage the shots with volunteers, and will let those who don’t want to be photographed know so they can get out of the frame 🙂

I’m excited – I’ve got 2 boxes of clean goodies ready for the free swap, and will be taking one last look around the house, garage, and garden shed to gather and clean up any remaining items in the next day or so.

If you’re looking for a last minute volunteer opportunity, we could use an extra person to bring their vacuum from home and an extension cord.  That way we’ll have two vacuuming volunteers to make sure the venue’s carpeted gym floor is cleaned up after the swap.

Thanks for being a part of the free swapping community.


Gift and Toy Swap a Success

The above video is from the 2015 December Gift and Toy Swap today at the PCL Church in Portland Oregon. This is one of my favorite holiday activities. With 21 volunteers and happiness and community, it felt like one big party. About 160 people RSVP’d. Music, merry making, laughter, friendships made and renewed, recycling, and free frugal fun ensued. Alicia from Resourceful PDX was there to interview some of the swappers and take photos.  The remainders were taken by ‘volunteer santa’ JoAnn, and will be donated to Portland State’s Resource Center for Students with Children and the ReUse Room so more families can enjoy holiday cheer. Thanks to the volunteers and swappers who attended for such a fun and enjoyable event!

If you’d like to see a free swap in action, here’s a video about a stuff/gift swap, and here’s a video about a women’s clothing swap.

ResourcefulPdx did a write-up on Free Swaps!

Alicia Polacok from Resourcefulpdx wanted to learn more about Free Swaps. Along with the keeping items out of landfills and helping conserve resources, Alicia reported on the social and community aspects of Swap Positive/the free swap network.

As a swapper, you may find your smiling face in this article by Resourcefulpdx .

Thank YOU ALL for making Free Swaps happen!

-Barb Hughes

(volunteer coordinator and founder Swap Positive)

Free Swaps will be featured at Sharing Smart, Hillsboro, April 22nd

I’ll be one of the panel speakers at the Green Bag Series lunch meeting Tuesday April 22nd noon-1pm at the Hillsboro Civic Center.  If you’re in the area, bring your bagged lunch and share your swapping experiences during the discussion:)

Tuesday, April 22, 12 – 1 PM. Join us for Sharing is Smart, a panel discussion on “the sharing economy” with options for sharing, swapping, and renting instead of buying in the region. The panel includes representatives from Swap Positive, Zipcar, and KitchenShare. Come learn about collaborative consumption at this quarterly speaker event sponsored by Washington County and City of Hillsboro. Location: Hillsboro Civic Center, 150 E Main, Hillsboro. Feel free to bring your own food and drink.

Swap Positive written up in Earth 911!

Swap Positive was written up in the national eco-friendly blog Earth 911 in the ‘Style’ category!  Read the article here http://earth911.com/style/swap-positive/ by Mary Mazzoni!