Swap Meet -vrs- Free Swap?

Free Swaps are the POLAR OPPOSITE of Swap Meets!

1. You pay an entry fee
2. You pay to host a table for your stuff
3. You pay for anything you want
4. Your goal is to buy enough stuff to re-sell and make a lot of money!!
5. Who cares what happens to the leftovers – it’s just trash.

1. You don’t pay to get in (venue donates their space)
2. You don’t pay to put your stuff out (hosts volunteer their time)
3. You get anything you can use/need/want for FREE!*
4. * with the stipulation that NOTHING you get for free at a Free Swap be sold – you must either use it or give it away free.
5. Remainders after the swap are given to local organizations who GIVE them away, not sell them. Since only good things are given, there is no trash.

SWAP MEET: Days spent corralling stuff, months spent storing stuff, hours spent pricing things and marking them accordingly.
FREE SWAP: As you find things in good shape that you don’t use or love anymore, wash them up and put them in a bag/box. Bring these boxes/bags with you to the next swap.

SWAP MEET: $$$ spent on entry fees, table fees, and buying more stuff at Meet.
FREE SWAP: $0 spent on entry fees, tables, and buying stuff.

SWAP MEET: All Day spent hosting booth
FREE SWAP: 30-90 minutes invested looking for things you want with a group of happy people.

SWAP MEET: Hours/days spent to sell, pack, ship, deliver, and store items.
FREE SWAP: Immediately afterwards, volunteer 10-15 minutes to help bag up remainders. Or donate an extra paper or plastic bag for the to-be-donated remainders.


By coming to Free Swaps, you agree to the following Free Swap Rules:
1. Only bring clean items in good condition.
2. Be kind and generous to those at the swap. Don’t take stuff you will not personally use or give as gifts.
3. By being at a swap you agree that you WILL NOT SELL ANYTHING that you received for free at any Free Swap(s). If your goal is to sell things, there are plenty of other places to get them. Free Swaps are not one of those places.
4. Free Swaps are UNIQUE! If you attend Free Swaps you are agreeing to abide by the Free Swap Mission/goals. If you feel the above rules are unreasonable, do not attend.

Thanks for being a part of this Unique, Fun, Fashionable Free Swap community of kind, thrifty, philanthropic recyclers!

See videos of free swaps in action here.

2 responses to “Swap Meet -vrs- Free Swap?

  1. I went this month it was awesome.

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