If you’ve started a swap and would like to be included in my OTHER SWAPS link, please read the information under the ABOUT SWAPS page, Frequently Asked Questions, What To Expect, and Start a FREE Swap. Then send me:
1. Your name and a contact email where the public can reach you
2. What your swap will feature
3. Location address of your swap
4. If your swap is ongoing, the day and time of your swap.
5. A promise that your swap will be FREE, with no admission charge, no strings attached, and that all remainders will be given away for free or to organizations that will not sell them but will give them away. (If possible, the name and website of the non-profit you are donating to so we can give them a plug as well)
6. Send the above information to:

If you have other questions, or are from the media and want to contact Barb Hughes, email:

I started free swapping in 2005 as a volunteer swap hostess, then founded the Swap Positive Network in February 2011.  I enjoy de-cluttering my home and hunting for treasure with like-minded thrifty kind people! My free swap philosophy has developed over the years. Free swaps are helpful to create community, champion sustainability, and make a positive difference in many ways, including:

  1.  Free Swaps keep usable items out of landfills!
  2. Free Swaps allow women to play.  Women oftentimes spend time/energy primarily on others. I wanted to provide a place where kind women could pamper themselves and play in a safe, fun, environment…while multi-tasking freeing their closets of clutter, meeting like-minded thrifty people, and getting ‘new-to-you’ treats all at the same time!  This concept has expanded to kind men, teens, and children as well.
  3. Free Swaps allow all people to enter empowered and leave enriched. Most of us have something we aren’t using, and with everyone invested in giving, we all participate in free frugal fun!
  4. Since remainders are donated to organizations that give them away (not sell them), everyone who participates is a philanthropist, and those who have nothing receive in a thoughtful way through these organizations.
  5. Free Swapping allows businesses and organizations an opportunity to create mutual partnerships, improving our community in tangible ways.  For example, People’s Food Co-op allows free swaps in their upstairs meeting room.  Afterwards swappers can conveniently purchase a few needed items, thus supporting the store.  Remainders are donated to a non-profit who gives them away so additional people can play/enjoy them.  Everyone wins!
  6. Many friendships have been built through Swap Positive events.
  7.  Those who try their hand at hosting develop leadership skills. The Swap Positive site has instructions on how to start a free swap, I offer to post their swaps that follow our simple friendly guidelines for free on the website, and many swap hostesses are willing to lend support and advice to new hosts/hostesses.



When Tokyo TV asked to film Swap Positive this past winter, I learned we’ve got great SEO. Since Swap Positive is on a free wordpress site, we can’t access all the data…but what we can see, it’s the kind that Advertisers LIKE A LOT:
1. Very consistent views
2. Very “Sticky” views – people come to the site and stay/look around.

I’ll be blunt. I’m seeking business and individual partnerships to expand Swap Positive from my ‘hobby’ site to become self-supporting, while upholding the Swap Positive mission to keep it free entry and play for all participating (ie people bringing things to swap) swappers.

Contact me at if you’ve got the business savvy to help make this happen.  I’d like partners to expand the free frugal fun, benefit businesses through increased foot traffic, and I need help to build a site to better include involvement from stake holding advertisers, supercharge recycling/sustainability and community outreach goals, all while having fun!   Let’s work together!

If you’re an individual or tech company willing to invest/ partner with me to upgrade my free site to become a commercial site, you can have first dibs at advertising on the site as trade. Other partners can work out a similar trade in online advertising to support and grow the platform.  I’d also like help to create/add a Patreon account, and include incentives, coupons, and fun extras for individual swappers who want to support what we are doing making a positive difference!

On another note, If you are a business in need of voiceover, check out my audio production company, the Hughes/Taylor Company  (online, traditional media, message on hold, etc.).  Hughes/Taylor Company


10 responses to “CONTACT

  1. I’d like to be notified for women’s clothing swaps near me for May-June – Beaverton, Hillsboro, St John’s, Downtown PDX areas!
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Amy! Welcome! You can click on the Email Subscription button to the right, enter your email address, and all the women’s clothing swaps listed on this blog will be sent to your address!

  2. I want to sign up for the womens up to size 12 and also the womens larger size. I’m on an Android device and don’t see place to sign up. Please help! Thank you.

    • Check the Other Swaps page. It lists all of the swaps by size and location, and has the swap hostess email address that you can contact to get on their email list if they have one. Some swap hostesses prefer to have women sign up to receive emails from the swap positive site (granted you’ll get all emails, not just for the size you want…but since we’re all volunteers, if this makes it easier on the women volunteering to host, it’s a win for everyone:).

  3. Hi! My name is Katie Arthur and I’m a producer for AM Northwest @ KATU-TV and I am wondering if you’re available to be on our show this Friday to talk about the free clothing swaps? I think it’s also interesting that you have them in categories…and in all different areas! You’d need to be here this Friday @ 8:30 a.m. and the show is LIVE from 9-10. I hope you can come! Let me know… -Katie

    • I won’t be able to make it, but I’ve just sent you a private email listing two other swap coordinators who can come to your Friday show and talk about swaps. Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. Is there any info on children’s clothing swaps coming up??

    • You can go to the Other Swaps page and email the children’s swap coordinators and ask when their next swap is. The next Children’s swap I’ve been told about so far is in early March in Gresham – part of Amber’s family swap.

  5. Hi. I just signed up. Is there a larger size swap? I wear twelves, mostly, but at a swap I’d rather be at the bottom of the size range than the top.

    • Check the Other Swaps link at the top of this page. You might check out Amy Alice’s size 10-14 swap, or Barbara & Cindy’s all-size swap, or Diana’s all-size swap. We’re looking for someone(s) to start a Women’s large size swap, and a plus size swap…as well as a men’s clothing swap and a techie stuff swap. If you’re interested in starting a swap (the very BEST way to assure it’s the sizes you want in a location that’s close to you:) check out the About Swaps link and then drop down to Start a Free Swap.

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