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NEW!! All Size Family Clothing Swap, Kelso WA, August 21st

NEW!  All Size Family Clothing Swap/Give-away (Kelso WA) The first swap takes place August 21st, (and every following 3rd Wednesday) from 2pm-6pm at the Three Rivers Mall in the Community Room,  351 Three Rivers Dr, Kelso, WA 98626.

They accept clothing donations (all sizes, ages, and genders) and are looking for volunteers to help. Please contact 360-747-7240 or .

Experienced Swappers – please come and help get this new swap started! Remainders benefit the South Kelso Neighborhood Association.


Women’s and Kids Clothing Swap, Tigard, needs new volunteer host(s)

Swap co-hosts Barbara and Cindy have been hosting the Tigard Quarterly swaps for women and kids at the Colossae church location for over 9 years! Many women and families have had the thrill of free frugal fun, exchanging treasure, helping out the environment, and being philanthropists. Barbara and Cindy say that, due to busy stages of life for both of them, they need to step down as hosts and either close down this swap or pass it along to the next host.
If YOU would like to step forward and host these Tigard swaps at the Colossae church location (or start a swap in your size/interest at this location and time), Cindy said she’ll help you with the transition. 12244 SW Garden Place.  Date is 3rd Monday in September, January and April.  Handicapped accessible, adults only since venue is not fully childproofed. You can email Cindy at   Cindy can give you helpful tips on how to start a free swap (she’s done most of the work already) and what to say at a free swap (ie what a host does).  It’s pretty simple and here’s why. Then, please contact me with the updated information so I can update this website and help give you free advertising for your swap!
Other west side swaps still available include:

Maternity and Baby Clothing to Kids size 10, Accessories  and Toy Swap (NW Portland, PCC Rock Creek Campus, 17705 NW Springville Rd, Portland OR 97229). Swaps will be held three times a year: June, October, February. Bring gently-used gear and clothes: maternity and sizes premie up to size 10. in the Event Center in Building 9.  For details check out the Naked Baby Clothing Swap (Westside Edition) page.

Babies and Kids Size 0-6+ Clothing Exchange (Hillsboro) 9am-noon in the multi-purpose room at Harvest Community Church, 8215 NE Quantama Street, Hillsboro, OR 97006. This is a first-time swap!  If enough people show up to exchange kids size 0-6+ goodies, they will consider making it a regular event – so tell all your friends/families that have babies and little kids to come out and bring things they’re kids have outgrown that are clean and in good condition, and swap for new-to-you items that you love! For more information about this swap, contact Swap Coordinator Kelly at

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NO JUNE Women/Femme Clothing and Accessories Size Large through Plus Swap, SE PDX – see you in July!

Swap hosts Carrie and Monica are both out of town June 2019 and so won’t be able to host the Large Size and Up Women/Femme Clothing and Accessories Swap (size 14 – Women’s Large and Plus Clothing Swap), BUT they say please save up your clothes and accessories and mark your calendars to attend Sunday JULY 28th!

Thank you and happy swapping! For more info about swap contact Carrie,

Maternity Baby and Child Clothing, Toy and Accessory Swap, NW Portland, June 8th

Bring gently-used gear and clothes: maternity and sizes premie up to size kids 10.

Where: PCC Rock Creek Campus, 17705 NW Springville Rd, Portland, OR 97229, USA

When: Saturday June 8th 2019, 2pm-3pm

This event will be at PCC Rock Creek in the Event Center in Building 9. Parking at PCC is FREE on Saturdays. The gravel parking lot just passed building 9 is the closest place to park. This website has a good map of the campus building locations:

Please bring things to swap AND/OR one or more non-perishable food items (to go to a food pantry) as your “entry ticket”. Of course, nobody will be turned away.

You may arrive as early as 1:40pm to set things out. However, WE ASK THAT ONCE YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR ITEMS, STEP OUT OF THE ROOM UNTIL 2PM. We want everyone to have a fair chance at getting what ever comes and getting some nice things. You will NOT be allowed to create a stack of new finds prior to 2pm.

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All Size Men/Women/Kids Clothing, Footwear and Book Swap, North Portland, May 19th

Family Clothing, Footwear, and Book Swap Sunday May 19, 2-4pm at the Kenton Church 2115 N Lombard street Portland OR 97217, in the basement.

Come join the fun! Everyone is welcome. All sizes of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing will be exchanged. No donation is required in order to receive clothing, but feel free to bring clothing and shoes in good condition to swap.

We also are swapping BOOKS! So make sure to bring in all the books you are finished with, and swap them for some great summer reads!

What: All Size/All Age Clothing, Footwear, and Book Swap

When: Sunday May 19, 2-4pm

Where: Kenton Church Basement 2115 N Lombard street Portland OR 97217

Frequently asked questions about this swap

This quarterly swap usually takes place spring, summer, fall, winter. Contact Ginny for more information by filling out the contact form at


Receiving Clothing: No donation is required to receive clothing. Please take clothing for your own household only, Clothing may not be taken for resale.

Donating Clothing: Do not drop off clothes ahead of time or Continue reading

Trans & Queer Clothing Swap, North Portland, May 25th

PDX Trans & Queer Clothing Swap is: 1) completely free, 2) 100% volunteer run, and 3) powered by love.

Please check out the updated FAQ here:

What:  Trans and Queer Fabulous Clothing Swap

When: May 25th, 12:30pm-3:30pm

Where: 5575 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217

We’re thrilled to have been invited by Queer Resource Center, PCC: Cascade to host our Spring swap in their Student Union building at 5575 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217. It’s a beautiful space and we’re excited to work with them this time! A big thank you to the PCC Cascade QRC crew!

Who do you know in the community who might not know about this? The more fabulous folks who join us, the more fabulous fashion there will be to swap! Spread the word so no one misses out who may need this!

Want to be part of the amazing volunteer crew who makes this possible? Here’s how to help!

Needed: Nonprofit to pick up remainders from April Stuff Swap

Hi Swappers!  It’s that time of year again to plan for our SPRING STUFF SWAP!

If you’ve never been to a Free Stuff Swap, here’s a video my daughter made about 10 years ago

We’ve got all the volunteers in place except for a non-profit to take the remainders at the end of the swap (there’s usually about a van full) Saturday April 13th… or several swappers who will load up the remainders and take them to various non-profits of their choice (that give away, not sell the goodies…since we got them for free, let’s keep the good karma flowing to help others, too!).

When we get confirmation that we’ve got remainder pick-up in place, we’ll put up the RSVP information here at Swap Positive.  Since kind men, women, and teens (no children or babies) are invited to this swap, we take RSVP’s so that everyone knows how our free swap runs, and agrees to the free swap rules (only bring clean items in good condition.  Only take what you will personally use and give as gifts.  Be kind to others at the swap.  Do not sell anything you get at a free swap – you agree to give it away or bring it back to another free swap. All remainders are given to charities that give them away, not sell them, so everyone who comes to a free swap is a philanthropist!).

It’s time to go through your house, closets, storage, garage, attic and find all those great items that no longer spark joy.  Make sure they are in good shape, in working order, and clean… and set them aside for the swap!

YES items include: Books, toys, games, dishes, sheets, towels, tools, tech that works, pet items, housewares, decorative items, holiday items, novelty items, crafts, jewelry, collectables:  If you would give it as a gift, or give it to a friend, bring it!

NO items include: toxic things (no gasoline, kerosine, poisons) no unwashable pillows, no garbage, nothing dirty or broken, no food (unless its unexpired and unopened), nothing too big to fit into the backseat of a car.

Thanks for letting me know if you can pick up the remainders! As soon as we have this volunteer position filled, we will post RSVP information!