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Volunteers needed for Maternity, Baby, and Kid Clothing Swap, Feb 16th at PCC

The Maternity, Baby, and Kid Clothing Swap is looking for volunteers for tomorrow’s event at PCC (toys, books, and accessories, too!) If you plan to go, here’s a link for how you can help out with the fun – and meet some new like-minded friends, too!  If you weren’t planning on going, but want to go be a part of the free frugul fun by helping so other women can shop, you’re welcome to come help, too!


Maternity, Baby and Kids Clothing, Accessories, and Toy Swap, NW Portland, February 16th

What:  Maternity, baby and kids clothing, accessories, and toy swap, maternity and kids sizes premie up to size 10.

When: Saturday February 16th   2pm-3pm.

Where: PCC Rock Creek Campus 17705 NW Springville Portland, OR 97229

Clean out your closets and the toy shelf!!! Purge what you no longer need!!! We also need helpful volunteers! (Please read below for details on what to bring).

This event will be at PCC Rock Creek in the Event Center in Building 9. Parking at PCC is FREE on Saturdays. The gravel parking lot just passed building 9 is the closest place to park. This website has a good map of the campus building locations:

Please bring things to swap or non-perishable food items (to go to a food pantry) if you can. Of course, nobody will be turned away.

You may arrive as early as 1:40pm to set things out. However, WE ASK THAT ONCE YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR ITEMS, STEP OUT OF THE ROOM UNTIL 2PM. We want everyone to have a fair chance at getting what ever comes and getting some nice things. You will NOT be allowed to create a stack of new finds prior to 2pm.

1) Help direct people as they come in and Continue reading

Family Clothing, Footwear, and Book Swap, North Portland, January 13th

Family Clothing, Footwear, and Book Swap Sunday January 13th, 2-4pm at the Kenton Church 2115 N Lombard street Portland OR 97217, in the basement.

Come join the fun! Everyone is welcome. All sizes of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing will be exchanged. No donation is required in order to receive clothing, but feel free to bring clothing and shoes in good condition to swap.

We also are swapping BOOKS! So make sure to bring in all the books you are finished with, and swap them for some great cool weather/snuggle-up reads!

What: All Size/All Age Clothing, Footwear, and Book Swap

When: Sunday January 13th, 2-4pm

Where: Kenton Church Basement 2115 N Lombard street Portland OR 97217

Frequently asked questions about this swap

This quarterly swap usually takes place spring, summer, fall, winter. Contact Ginny for more information at


(Below is the email I received from Ginny 01/07/19:)


Happy New Year, Fellow Friendly Exchangers! 

I am finding myself irrationally optimistic about 2019. Why? Much of my optimism is fueled by all the ways this community cared for each other last year.

In 2018, we shared our clothing and reading resources with over 235 other exchangers.

Together we received, sorted, distributed and recycled thousands and thousands of articles of clothing.

We continued distributing socks and providing a light lunch during events to any exchangers who come hungry.

We added a book exchange and were delighted to see so many children (and adults) take home armloads of books they can call their very own.

We also grew from four exchanges a year to six – providing us with more opportunities to grab some new garments, don some new digs or even tear into a new tome.

So thank you all for the role you played in making 2018 another great year in the life of your Free Clothing Exchange!

We’re starting 2019 off with a boost of new-to-us clothes and books generously heaped upon us from the folks at Mosaic Church.

So come out early this Sunday and help us sort through the wears. You might just find something you like!


We’ll also be continuing our Free Book Exchange this month as well. Bring some books to share, and/or pick up some new ones for yourself and your kids.


We have been so blessed by how willing our fellow exchangers are to lend a hand during our events.Starting FEB 10th, we are going to start meeting on the 2nd Sunday’s of our off months from 2-4pm to sort, organize and plan.

If you’d like to get more involved with our zany, caring community these “sorting parties” are the place to be.

Email us through the website, if you’d like to help out.


Location: Kenton Church Basement
2115 N Lombard Street – 97217


You don’t need to exchange clothes in order to receive them.

Family Clothing and Stuff Swap, SW Portland, January 5th

Family Clothing and Stuff Swap for kind Men, Women, Kids – everyone is invited!

Day: Saturday January 5th 2019

Place:  the Garden Home Community Library Annex, 7475 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, OR 97223. GHCL Annex (map)

Time: 1pm-3pm

Celebrate the new year by clearing out the clutter!  Bring clothing for men, women, and kids…as well as household items, books, small furniture and electronics to swap.  Items should be in clean and usable condition.

All leftovers will be donated to charities including the Union Gospel Mission, Cat Adoption Team, and more.  Please take what you will personally use or give as gifts. Here’s other free swap tips.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Heather at 503-245-9932, or 

2018 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap Short Video

Thanks to Chris for taking this short Holiday Gift and Toy Swap video today!  It was a great swap! Thank you to the volunteers, and the generous, kind people who participated!

Swap Positive Advisory Board Wanted

Hi Swappers!

I’m looking for a Swap Positive Advisory board to explore next steps.  I started Swap Positive 14 years ago and it’s developed into an amazing way to benefit all stakeholders (Tokyo TV said they came over to interview me due to the high SEO of Swap Positive)!  However, since it’s just little ole’ me doing all the behind the scenes stuff, if something happens to me, Swap Positive would end!  I need an organization to share the responsibility.  Seeing that my passion and leadership has elevated my little volunteer social experiment into a high SEO powerhouse…it could now become self-supporting…but only with expert help!

Thus, why I’m looking for a Swap Positive Volunteer Advisory Board to explore next steps. I seek professionals who understand and support Swap Positive. Below is my dream advisory team (but I’m open to ANY help to create a way for Swap Positive to become self-sustaining!)

Please email me at if you can help!

1. Business Advisor, to help expand Swap Positive so it’s funded and self-sustaining

2. Website Designer Current Site on unsupported template and losing functionality.  I’ve purchased the domain names and  Site needs to be made easier to navigate.  Venues, swap hosts, and non-profit picking up remainders need to more easily connect.  A calendar that is easy for everyone to read, and venues and hosts can update their swap info themselves without affecting other entries. A donate button needed.

3. Lawyer I started Swap Positive as a hobby for fun.  How can we move this towards a self-supporting organization while keeping it easy and fun for me and for all free swappers?

4. Accountant/CPA  When/if we get money from donations, investment, business, etc. how do we structure the company so that staff and bills get paid?

5. B- Corp Liaison  Swap Positive and B-Corps share much of the same mission.  Let’s figure out how we can partner

6. Government liaison How can government support Swap positive to keep usable items out of landfills, fill community needs for free?  We’ve had good input in the past, but I’d like an ongoing liaison to advise me.

7. Business Liaison Swap Positive brings in customers through free venue association, benefits company recycling goals, and provides free employee benefits. Let’s connect with businesses for mutual benefit!

8. Venue liaison Person to compile list of venues willing to host swaps, keep information updated on website.

9. Non-profit liaison Person to compile list of non-profits who’ll pick up remainders, keep information updated on website.

10. What can you offer on our Swap Positive Advisory Board? (please contact me at

I’d like to meet once a month, so if you could email your name, email, phone, way you can help, and best days/times for you to meet, that would be Great!  Email, and in the subject line write “Swap Positive Advisory Board”

Volunteers Needed for the Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!

It’s time to get volunteers for the 2018 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap in NE Portland!  Tentative date is Saturday December 8th when we get all volunteer positions filled.  Feel free to choose how you/your friends would like to help to make the magic happen!  Volunteers assure themselves a place at the swap! You can reply below, or contact


1-2 Person(s) with van(s) who will pick up and give away remainders for free to a charity who gives away the items, not sells them.  Bring a van and pick up boxes/bags on day of swap between 3:00pm and 3:15pm, then deliver them and make lots of people happy!

4+ people who will bring boxes and bag/box up remainders after swap.  Arrive any time between 1pm and 2pm so you have time to put out your own stuff. Bring boxes (you can get free ones from most grocery stores if you ask in advance). Start packing up around 2:45pm or whenever the crowd has thinned out, and stay until everything is packed up (est. 3:15pm).

This is a great volunteer opportunity to welcome the holiday season of giving, a chance to de-clutter holiday giftables you no longer have a use for, AND shop for new-to-you sustainable gifts for yourself and family!

*Positions filled: 3 people to vacuum, 2 people to greet and sign in swappers, 1 person taking RSVP’s,  and 5 people who’ve volunteered to help put things out, 2 people who’ve offered to help box things up at the end.  We have someone to help pick up remainders and donate them to a clothing closet, but if you have a van and would be willing to help them transport, please let me know!