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Maternity/Baby/Kids Clothing, Accessories, and Toy Swap, NW Portland, June 16th

Baby, Kids and Maternity Clothing…and Accessories and Toy Swap!

Clean out your closets and the toy shelf!!! Purge what you no longer need!!!

When: Saturday June 16th, 2pm-3pm

Where: Portland Community College (PCC) Rock Creek Campus, 17705 NW Springville Rd. Portland OR 97229,  in the Event Center in Building 9.

Please bring things to swap AND/OR one or more non-perishable food items (to go to a food pantry) as your “entry ticket”. Of course, nobody will be turned away.

You may arrive as early as 1:40pm to set things out. However, WE ASK THAT ONCE YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR ITEMS, STEP OUT OF THE ROOM UNTIL 2PM. We want everyone to have a fair chance at getting whatever comes and getting some nice things. You will NOT be allowed to create a stack of new finds prior to 2pm.

1) Help direct people as they come in and place items of those who come at the last minute. (These should be people who are there to give more than to receive items).
2) Pack up the left overs for donation (3-4pm)
3) Take a load for donation.

Here are the details on what you can bring:

Bring Continue reading


Volunteer needed to deliver remainders after Women’s Clothing Swap May 12th

Hi swappers!  We need a person with a big heart and a vehicle who can transport the clothing remainders from the women’s clothing swap Saturday May 12th from the Evergreen Church in NE Portland, to a housing project in NW Portland after the swap.  You’d play an important part in sharing the fun of free swaps with people who could really use the uplift!  If you can help after tomorrow’s swap, please tell Anna the swap hostess at the swap, or you can contact her in advance at

Thanks for helping to bring the fun of treasure-hunting to make a positive difference for families in our community!

Barb Hughes, Swap Positive Volunteer Coordinator


Trans & Queer Clothing and Accessories Swap, North Portland, April 14th

Come enjoy a safe and fun Transgender/Queer Clothing and Accessories Swap exclusively for the Trans and Queer community to share and find new-to-you items!

When: Saturday April 14th,  from 1:30-3:30 at the Q Center

We’ll be updating the FAQ based on what we learned from the first event, so keep an eye on that there: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): .

If you’d like to volunteer to help with this swap, please visit the PDX Trans and Queer Clothing Swap facebook page

For additional details check out the Facebook Page and the Facebook Event page  

This swap takes place quarterly, alternating Saturday/Sunday at the Q Center. If you have further questions, contact

Thank you for spreading the word, showing up and sharing the love and the incredible array of fabulous fashion!

Volunteers Needed for the 2018 Spring Stuff Swap in NE Portland

UPDATE:  WE HAVE OUR VOLUNTEERS!  THANK YOU!  Wanna help? We need volunteers for the 2018 Spring Stuff Swap coming up in April!  (Tentative date is Saturday April 14th when we get all volunteer positions filled).  After we get our volunteers, I’ll post on Swap Positive the RSVP information to reserve your space mid-March.  We expect about 150 RSVP’s due to the venue space/popularity.  Volunteers assure themselves a place at the swap! 

If you’ve never been to a stuff/gift swap, here’s a swap in action:


Christine will take RSVP’s in advance.  She has created an RSVP-only email address. Christine will organize your name alphabetically by name/email/# of people. Your name on her list reserves your place at the swap!   Continue reading

Looking for Website Design Volunteer

I’m looking for a website design company/professional who can help update the Swap Positive website to include a working calendar (the one I created doesn’t work all the time and for all computers).  If we could have an easy to use events calendar for all upcoming swaps, that would make finding swaps a lot easier.

We could then use the blog roll for swap articles and updates.  I’m also open to other website design ideas/updates/templates that would make the Swap Positive site easier to read and easier to use.

If you or someone you know would like to donate their professional website services to Swap Positive, please contact me, Barb Hughes, at

Volunteers needed for the 2017 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!

UPDATE 10/24/17  We only need one more person to vacuum at the end of the swap.  If you have a vacuum and extension cord, please let me know so you can be included in the volunteer team!

Calling volunteers for the 13th annual Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!  The tentative date is Continue reading

Free Frugal Fun continues – Volunteer with van needed to deliver remainders April 8th

UPDATE: As of 04/06/17 we’ve got most of this covered!  Olivia from the IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization) will be picking up the remainders with the help of swap volunteers Christie and Chris.  Olivia can take all the remainders except for the fabric (ie we need someone who will take all clothing, bedding, towels, and other fiber.)  Please let me know if you’d like to take the cloth items and deliver them to an organization that you help with. You can take the clothing to another clothing swap, or the towels/sheets to the humane society, as some suggestions.  Please email me at

After enjoying the free swap this Saturday, how about lending a hand with your van?  we need a volunteer(s) with a van to deliver the remainders after the Spring Stuff Swap April 8th in NE Portland!

Our previous non-profit, The Paying It Forward Store, let us know he can’t take the remainders this time. We’ve got two non-profits who would LOVE the remainders, but need someone to deliver them.  You can choose to deliver to Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), or Birch Community Services, or both.

Remainders will be boxed up by volunteers and ready to load into your van around 3:15pm Saturday April 8th.

Please email me at for details on helping deliver the goodies after the swap, and play a part in passing on the free frugal fun!