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NE Portland Holiday Gift and Toy Swap Full

Reservations for The Holiday Gift and Toy Swap for December 9th are now full.  All those who are on the RSVP entry list have been contacted via email.  If you are on the wait list, Christine will contact you if a space opens up due to cancellation.  For those who registered and have been confirmed for this event, gather up your clean-in-good-condition giftables (examples here), and we’ll see you this Saturday!  For those who didn’t register, enjoy attending one of the other free swaps this weekend – it’s all good!

Other Free Swaps on December 9th in Portland:

Website Update Looming

A major website update needs to happen on Swap Positive.  The free template it’s built upon, Coraline, has been retired and hasn’t been updated in quite awhile. I have been told by a representative at WordPress that since it has been retired, if I change it over to a new template I will not be able to change it back – meaning Continue reading

Swap Positive’s New Facebook Page!

Elaine Brown, swap host for the new Longview Washington Women and Teens All Size Clothing Swap, has volunteered to create a Swap Positive facebook page!

Elaine used information from the Swap Positive website, with the goal of exposing the Swap Positive concept of Free Frugal Fun to a worldwide audience through facebook.

Elaine has begun posting free swaps that fit Swap Positive criteria (no money changes hands, remainders donated to organizations that give them away not sell them, etc.).

Feel free to check out the page and let Elaine know what you think:)

Volunteers needed for the 2017 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!

UPDATE 10/24/17  We only need one more person to vacuum at the end of the swap.  If you have a vacuum and extension cord, please let me know so you can be included in the volunteer team!

Calling volunteers for the 13th annual Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!  The tentative date is Continue reading

Swap Positive in the News!

Group shot at Spring Stuff Swap, with Barb on mic 1Swap Positive is in the news!  Gina Edwards says her blog called Impact Explorer , “…aims to connect creative citizen change makers with the tools, resources, and guidance to create impact in their communities.”   Check out the article that includes Swap Positive here.


New Swap Positive Facebook Page

Swap Positive now has a facebook page !  Elaine Brown, Swap coordinator for the Longview Women’s clothing swap, suggested the idea and volunteered to put it together using content from the Swap Positive website.  Feel free to check out the files at the right side of the page and give your feedback.

The idea is to use social media to introduce people world-wide to free swapping, and to educate the public on Us/We thinking where everyone gives, everyone receives, with no money changing hands. Participants have a chance to de-clutter, treasure hunt, help the environment, be philanthropists, and play all at the same time. Hosts donate their time for free, venues donate their space for free, nonprofits and caring individuals pick up the remainders and give them away not sell them, and swappers bring the goodies that make it all happen.

Thanks for being a part in the sharing economy, bringing your generosity and kindness.  I am so grateful to be a part of this group.

Barb Hughes, founder, Swap Positive

Free Frugal Fun continues – Volunteer with van needed to deliver remainders April 8th

UPDATE: As of 04/06/17 we’ve got most of this covered!  Olivia from the IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization) will be picking up the remainders with the help of swap volunteers Christie and Chris.  Olivia can take all the remainders except for the fabric (ie we need someone who will take all clothing, bedding, towels, and other fiber.)  Please let me know if you’d like to take the cloth items and deliver them to an organization that you help with. You can take the clothing to another clothing swap, or the towels/sheets to the humane society, as some suggestions.  Please email me at

After enjoying the free swap this Saturday, how about lending a hand with your van?  we need a volunteer(s) with a van to deliver the remainders after the Spring Stuff Swap April 8th in NE Portland!

Our previous non-profit, The Paying It Forward Store, let us know he can’t take the remainders this time. We’ve got two non-profits who would LOVE the remainders, but need someone to deliver them.  You can choose to deliver to Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), or Birch Community Services, or both.

Remainders will be boxed up by volunteers and ready to load into your van around 3:15pm Saturday April 8th.

Please email me at for details on helping deliver the goodies after the swap, and play a part in passing on the free frugal fun!