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Clothing Swap Video

This is a video KATU TV took explaining how Free clothing swaps work.  This was for their Go Green segment in 2011, featuring Swap Positive founder Barb Hughes. Instead of throwing things in the trash, why not put them to use?


Looking for Website Design Volunteer

I’m looking for a website design company/professional who can help update the Swap Positive website to include a working calendar (the one I created doesn’t work all the time and for all computers).  If we could have an easy to use events calendar for all upcoming swaps, that would make finding swaps a lot easier.

We could then use the blog roll for swap articles and updates.  I’m also open to other website design ideas/updates/templates that would make the Swap Positive site easier to read and easier to use.

If you or someone you know would like to donate their professional website services to Swap Positive, please contact me, Barb Hughes, at

Swap Positive’s New Facebook Page!

Elaine Brown, swap host for the new Longview Washington Women and Teens All Size Clothing Swap, has volunteered to create a Swap Positive facebook page!

Elaine used information from the Swap Positive website, with the goal of exposing the Swap Positive concept of Free Frugal Fun to a worldwide audience through facebook.

Elaine has begun posting free swaps that fit Swap Positive criteria (no money changes hands, remainders donated to organizations that give them away not sell them, etc.).

Feel free to check out the page and let Elaine know what you think:)

Gift and Toy Swap a Success

The above video is from the 2015 December Gift and Toy Swap today at the PCL Church in Portland Oregon. This is one of my favorite holiday activities. With 21 volunteers and happiness and community, it felt like one big party. About 160 people RSVP’d. Music, merry making, laughter, friendships made and renewed, recycling, and free frugal fun ensued. Alicia from Resourceful PDX was there to interview some of the swappers and take photos.  The remainders were taken by ‘volunteer santa’ JoAnn, and will be donated to Portland State’s Resource Center for Students with Children and the ReUse Room so more families can enjoy holiday cheer. Thanks to the volunteers and swappers who attended for such a fun and enjoyable event!

If you’d like to see a free swap in action, here’s a video about a stuff/gift swap, and here’s a video about a women’s clothing swap.

Join Portland’s Pay-it-forward movement on Rooster

Wanna swap more than stuff?  Swap positive is excited to kick off Portland’s pay-it-forward movement Sign up to join us on Rooster >> Rooster is a place where like minded individuals get together to help, borrow, share and reuse with one another for free, in the spirit of generosity and paying it forward to their local communities. Originally started in the California Bay Area, the movement quickly grew to 10,000 families and individuals who share their time and resources with one another: They hand down used sofas, TVs and kitchen appliances, borrow baseball bats and baby cribs and get together to paint fences and co-walk their dogs. Roosters are people who embrace giving, sharing, helping, recycling and reusing and we think you should be a part of it. Sign up to join us on Rooster >> Yours truly, Swap positive team

See the history/story of Rooster here.

Swap Success Story!

The Countryside Community Church in Sherwood Oregon held their first free swap back in 2012. Jocelyn said if enough people came, they may do swaps regularly.  One and a half years later-and now a family swap that includes men as well-this is what Jocelyn had to say about her most recent swap on February 22nd 2014:

Hi Barb,

It (the family swap) went great!  I think we had close to 200 people this time.  It continues to grow each time we do it.  We’re taking the left over clothing to three local charities tomorrow through our women’s bible study, so the blessings will continue. Thanks again for the idea and promotion from your site.  

It’s been a blessing for us and our community,


Thank YOU Jocelyn – and all the free swap hosts who volunteer their time to create free frugal fun in their area of town and area of interest!  We’ve currently got 18 free swaps available in the Portland Oregon and surrounding areas!  The Continue reading

Gift and Stuff Swaps in action

Ever wanted to see what a Gift Swap or Stuff Swap looks like in action?  Here’s an example video my daughter, then 16 years old, created to show how a Free Gift Swap works:

Aubrey summerMy daughter Aubrey has been attending free swaps since she was in 6th grade, and has helped/assisted me when I started my own clothing swap.  She is now majoring in Environmental Science at University.  Yeah, I’m pretty proud of her:)  If you’d like to start a swap in your area of town, or your area of interest, here’s how.