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kind women, men, and teens are invited to bring their clean giftables to swap.

RSVP NOW for the 13th Annual Spring Stuff Swap!

stuff swapRSVP NOW for the 13th Annual Spring Stuff Swap coming up April 14th 2018!  Combine spring cleaning, sustainability, philanthropy, treasure hunting, and free frugal fun with like-minded friends! Your home will be less cluttered, your in-good-condition stuff will be loved by someone else, you’ll find new-to-you items you CAN use…plus, all remainders are given away to a local charity that GIVES them away, not sells them! Be a part of the saving$, recycling, treasure hunting, philanthropy, and good karma flowing around:) If you’ve never been to a free gift or stuff swap, see one in action here.

Due to space constraints YOU MUST GET ON THE GUEST LIST TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE AT THIS SWAP (swap RSVP email below in blue), and read and agree to the swap guidelines below so everyone knows what to expect and can have fun.

Kind and courteous women, men, and teens are invited.  Please leave babies, toddlers animals, and grade school children safely at home with a sitter.

When: Saturday April 14th, 2018   2pm (arrive between 1:30 and 1:50 to get a parking spot, and to set your stuff out before the swap begins.)

Where: Evergreen Community Church (formerly Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst) in the gym, 935 N.E. 33rd Avenue.  Portland OR 97232

Directions: two blocks south of Sandy Blvd on 33rd, at Pacific Street, in a small modern red brick building. There is a parking lot behind the church. Enter through the gym, which is across from the small playground. If the parking lot is full, you can park on the street. Car-pooling is encouraged.  Due to space constraints, you must register below at volunteer Christine’s special email address to be on the RSVP list/reserve your space to be admitted.


By coming to Free Swaps, you agree to the following Free Swap Rules:

  1. No pre-swapping, gathering piles, or taking stuff before we officially start.
  2. Only kind and considerate women, men, and teens. No babies, small children, or animals (it could be too overwhelming and the gym area filled with stuff is not childproofed). If two or more people want the same item, and you can’t work it out by talking, the person who has the least number of items gets it.
  3. All items brought must be clean, complete, and in working order. No broken or missing pieces. Nothing greasy or dirty. No volatile or toxic chemicals paints or products. No junk. Nothing too large to fit into the backseat of a car. No mattresses or pillows.
  4. No resellers/eBay/etc. The mission behind free swaps is “free stuff forever”, so if you get something home and decide you don’t want it, we ask you give it away, not sell it.
  5.  We are all volunteers and donate our time for free. The venue donates its space for free. All swappers agree to bring items in good, clean condition so you can find items in good, clean condition. Remainders are given away so others can play, too!

To reserve your place at the Spring Stuff Swap, email volunteer Christine at with your FULL name, number of guests, and total number of people in your party in the Subject line.  (Example: “Jane Doe and 1 guest: 2 people total.)  This will help Christine to keep track, and you’ll be helping to make the swaps run smoothly. If Christine doesn’t acknowledge your request right away, please be patient.  She will respond as she is able.

Your name and email address will be your ‘entry ticket’ as well as agreement that you and all your guests agree to and will abide by the free swap rules.  Christine will keep a waiting list, so if you find that you or a guest will not be able to make the swap, please let her know before April 12th so she can give your space to the next in line.

Since all items will be placed on the floor and our venue has carpet, all items need to be free of dirt, grease, spider webs, etc.  Since we are volunteers and don’t have money to pay for a dumpster, all items must be useable items – NO junk, no recyclables.  Items must be small enough to fit in the backseat of a car (no large furniture, but a clean bike or bedside stand would be O.K.). No poisons, paints, illegal or hazardous materials.


You come in and put your stuff in rows on the gym floor, with a walking path cleared down the middle so we all can walk freely.  We’ll have signs on the floor in rows that say:

  1. TOYS AND GAMES: this might include new and lightly used dolls, stuffed animals, gag gifts, toys, games (including board games, puzzles, etc.) with all the pieces still intact.
  2. MOVIES, BOOKS, CD’S DVD’S: bring books in good condition, music on CD, DVD and video movies that are still in great working order. Computer games can go in the techie area.
  3. CRAFTS, FABRIC, ACCESSORIES: items to bring include scrap-booking, beading, knitting, sewing patterns and clean fabric, the gift towels that were the wrong color for your décor. You CAN bring one-size fits most items such as hats, scarves, accessories etc… however, please don’t bring sized clothing or we won’t have room for anything else.
  4. HOUSEHOLD AND HOLIDAY: items might include dishes, potholders, coasters, fondue sets, non-expired and non-opened food items, blenders, bath salts, table lamps, Seasonal items and decorations. Perfume used once, lotion used once (i.e. still looks new – isn’t half full and doesn’t have gunk running down the side of the bottle.) Please no mattresses, large unwashable pillows, bean bags or other material that could spill out.
  5. TOOLS, TECHNOLOGY, GARDEN, PETS: Clean ratchet set, clean sports equipment, clean bicycles/tricycles in great shape, computers, cameras, gaming systems, computer games, clean garden pots and tools, viable seeds, clean pet dishes and toys, car stuff.  If in doubt, please bring/put your item on plastic or in a container.
  6. BREAKABLES AND COLLECTIBLES: jewelry, antiques, fancy glassware, collectibles, artwork, toys that are too delicate to be in the official toy area, candy dishes.  All those knick-knacks that keep piling up – get rid of them here!
  7. MISC. OTHER STUFF: We’ll also have a misc. area, where you can put things you have no idea where they also works as an overflow aisle if other areas are full.

If you have items you’re not sure where they go, put them in a row that in some way makes reasonable sense, or put them in a row that isn’t too crowded. Also, please don’t bring clothes unless they are one-size-fits most such as hats or scarves – if we bring our usual generous bags of clothes, there won’t be room for anything else!

After you’ve unloaded your stuff, stand against the wall and visit while you wait for the swap to start. Please don’t wander around in the middle – there will be a LOT of people needing that space to put their stuff out, and the quicker they can, the quicker we can start the swap.

NO PRE-SWAPPING.  Experienced swappers know this, but for the newbies – No picking up stuff or scooting it into your bag/box beforehand!  We want this to be fair for everyone. At 2pm or so, the emcee will welcome everyone and shortly thereafter will say “Go” so we can all start at the same time. Be kind and courteous – if two people want the same item, the person who has the least gets the item.  (At a previous swap, a mom with many kids chose a pile of puzzles for them. A second mom with one kid kindly asked if she could have one of the puzzles, and the first mom gladly shared. THAT is the spirit of free swaps!)

Stuff in the middle of the gym floor in rows is free for the taking.  Stuff in boxes/bags/sacks next to the wall belongs to someone.

We usually have about 100-150 people show up to the Spring Stuff Swap. It’s important that everyone is patient and kind, and only bring good stuff so you in turn find good stuff!

Bring your own boxes/bags to cart your new stuff home in. Some people bring rolling suitcases.

By participating in free swaps you are part of a 13 year tradition of fun, recycling, and philanthropy!  Thank you for being a part of the fun, and making your corner of the world a happier place.

Barb Hughes, Swap Positive Founder



NE Portland Holiday Gift and Toy Swap Full

Reservations for The Holiday Gift and Toy Swap for December 9th are now full.  All those who are on the RSVP entry list have been contacted via email.  If you are on the wait list, Christine will contact you if a space opens up due to cancellation.  For those who registered and have been confirmed for this event, gather up your clean-in-good-condition giftables (examples here), and we’ll see you this Saturday!  For those who didn’t register, enjoy attending one of the other free swaps this weekend – it’s all good!

Other Free Swaps on December 9th in Portland:

Family Clothing and Stuff Swap, SW Portland, December 9th

Garden Home Community Library is hosting the annual December Free Clothing and Stuff Swap in SW Portland/Garden Home.  Get ready for the New Year and potentially find holiday gifts!

Our Free Swap features all sizes of clothing for men, women, and children…plus household items, small appliances & electronics, books, jewelry, small furniture, games, holiday decor, and other small items.  (We are unable to accept large furniture or appliances.) Items should be clean and giftable.

WHAT:  All Size Mens, Women’s, Kids Clothing, and Stuff Swap, SW Portland

WHEN: Saturday, December 9,  from 10 am to Noon (Doors will open at 9:50 am.)

WHERE:  Garden Home Community Library ANNEX, 7306 SW Oleson Rd, Continue reading

RSVP for the Holiday Gift and Toy Swap, NE Portland, December 9th,

Reserve your space/RSVP for the 2017 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap! This has become a FAVORITE Holiday tradition!  Combine house cleaning, gift shopping, philanthropy, and free frugal treasure-hunting fun!

The 2017 HOLIDAY GIFT & TOY SWAP is Saturday December 9th, 2pm, in the Evergreen Community Church gym.  RSVP (reserve your spot) and get your entry ticket by December 6th!

The gym is unheated so dress warmly. Since kind women, men and teens are invited, and to keep it fun for everyone, YOU MUST READ INSTRUCTIONS AND HAVE AN ENTRY ‘TICKET’ TO GET INTO THIS SWAP (see below).


To get on our Reservation/entry list, email volunteer Christine’s special 2017 Gift and Toy Swap RSVP email and in the subject line write the total number in your party.
 Due to volume, Continue reading

December 2017 Free Swaps!

Here’s the December 2017 free swaps we know about so far.  All sizes of women’s and family clothing swaps, brunch/food gatherings, gift swaps, baby and kids clothing, a brand NEW RECORD SWAP and more –  there’s a free swap for everyone!  If you don’t see a swap in your size, interest, or location, start one, tell me about it, and I’ll post it here and give you free advertising!

12/02/17  Women’s and Teens All Size Clothing Swap 6pm at the Rushing Water Yoga Studio in Downtown Camas WA.  This is an All Size swap, so please pre-sort your clothes so they can be separated into piles small, medium, large, plus, and accessories. Takes place the first Saturday of the month September through June (No swaps July and August).  Please RSVP to Dorothy at

12/02/17 Community Potluck/Brunch at Yonder House in NE Portland, (usually first and third Saturdays) starting at 11:00am. Bring food to share, eat, enjoy yourself, and meet like-minded kind people!  Contact Bert Fitzgerald 574-213-5468 for more information. Check out the Yonder House facebook page at facebook/yonderhouseon15th for details.

12/02/17 Baby and Little Kids Clothes, and Women’s All Size Clothing (including Maternity) Swap, 10:15am- 11:30am at the Midland Library in the large meeting room. Please bring baby/children’s/women’s clothing and gear from newborn through size 5 plus women’s and maternity. It helps to bring clothes sorted by size so it is easier to put things out. All are welcome even if you don’t have much to donate, just please only take what you will use. Please arrive by 10:15am to sort what you are donating, then we swap from 10:30-11:30, then start cleaning up.  If a few people are able to stay to help bag up the leftovers, I would appreciate it. All leftover items will be donated to Northwest Children’s Outreach (kids/maternity) and Rahab’s Sisters (women’s clothes). For more information, check this facebook page . and the regular Naked Baby Clothing Swap Group.

12/03/17 Family All Size Clothing Swap (Beaverton) 7pm @ Adapt Training at 9923 SW Arctic Dr Beaverton, OR 97005. Bring your whole family – men, women, and kids!   Our swap is FREE, with no admission charge, no strings attached, and all remainders will be given away for free or to organizations that will not sell them but will give them away. For further details contact Kirsten at  Carla or Juleea at or check the facebook page.  Meets every other month (usually on the first Sunday February, April, June, August, October, December 2017)

12/09/17 All Size Men, Women, Kids Clothing and Stuff Swap, SW Portland/Garden Home, from 10 am-noon.  For more information go to     or contact Heather Waisanen, Adult Services Programmer, Garden Home Community Library at 503-245-9932 or

12/09/17 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap in NE Portland at the Evergreen Community Church.  You must RSVP to attend this swap. For what to expect see details here.

NEW! 12/09/17 Record Swap, 3pm-5pm, Garden Home Community Library GHCL Annex, 7475 SW Oleson Rd Portland OR   Looking to refresh your record collection and pass on some old favorites for others to enjoy? Join us for our first ever Record Swap! This is not a sale, but a one-to-one swap exchange. We’ll provide tickets for each of the records you bring to trade; each ticket gets you one new-to-you record. All ages of music enthusiasts welcome. For more information go to

12/15/17   Women’s Size Petite to Medium (approx 0-8)  Clothing Swap at People’s Food Co-op in SE Portland at 7pm.  Everyone who attends, please bring an extra bag for remainder donation.  Monthly on the third Friday.  If you’ve got other sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes.  If they are torn/ripped, please offer them on If you would like to receive notifications via facebook, go to: and request to join the group

12/16/17 Community Potluck/Brunch at Yonder House in NE Portland, (usually first and third Saturdays) starting at 11:00am. Bring food to share, eat, enjoy yourself, and meet like-minded kind people!  Contact Bert Fitzgerald 574-213-5468 for more information. Check out the Yonder House facebook page at facebook/yonderhouseon15th for details.

12/29/17 Women’s All Size Clothing and Stuff Swap in Happy Valley, 7pm at New Seasons market on Sunnyside in the yoga studio/conference room. The last Friday of the month.  You can bring not only clothes but shoes and accessories and any other goodies that you want to pass on (such as books, jewelry, lotions, makeup, pens, arts and crafts and etc). If you know of a good organization that can use the leftover clothes or if you can take it with you please let me know. To RSVP (reserve your spot) contact Tanya at 

RSVP For The 2017 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!

stuff swap

RSVP for the 2017 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap! This has become a FAVORITE Holiday tradition!  Combine house cleaning, gift shopping, philanthropy, and free frugal fun!

The 2017 HOLIDAY GIFT & TOY SWAP is Saturday December 9th, 2pm, in the Evergreen Community Church gym.  You must RSVP (reserve your spot) and get your entry ticket by December 6th!

Gift Swaps are tons of fun – watch here to learn more!

The gym is unheated so dress warmly. Since kind women, men and teens are invited, YOU MUST READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND HAVE AN ENTRY ‘TICKET’ TO GET INTO Continue reading

Volunteers needed for the 2017 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!

UPDATE 10/24/17  We only need one more person to vacuum at the end of the swap.  If you have a vacuum and extension cord, please let me know so you can be included in the volunteer team!

Calling volunteers for the 13th annual Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!  The tentative date is Continue reading