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Family Clothing, Costume and Toy Swap, Keizer OR, October 20th

Family Clothing Swap!  Includes Halloween costumes, toys, maternity items, jewelry and more!  Have some fun!  All ages, sizes, genders, adults and kids welcome! Sponsored by the Mommy and Me Playgroup.

Saturday October 20th, 3pm-6pm

Admission: FREE
Location: Gym of Church 1375 Lockhaven Dr. NE, Keizer OR 97303

We all have those clothes we don’t wear for some reason or another and need to get rid of. Come bring all your unwanted stuff for other mom’s to find good use for. Instead of going out and buying new clothes for your children why not just SWAP clothes with another family?

All remaining unwanted items at end of this event are donated to a charitable foundation helping Mothers in need.

Clothing Newborn-Adult (Clean! Good condition)
Maternity items

*The day of you will be able to set your items up and we suggest organizing clothes by size.

The whole family is welcome to this event not just Mom’s so feel free to tell friends and family!

This is a community type sharing event.  Bring what you no longer use, take what you need. Moms helping moms by trading what we have.  It is first come first pick, but being kind and thoughtful to one another is important.  Nothing should be taken to be sold, only what you can use.  Remembering always we are all there to help each other so being combative and greedy is not tolerated.  For example, say you have already got several items picked out out and an item yu’re wanting is wanted by another mother, be generous and fair in the dealing.  This is not a place to come and take as much as you can, it’s about coming together and sharing as a community of parents who all understand that it’s better to share than go out and buy new stuff.  It’s a chance to clean out your closets and also replenish with usable items!
*If you are unable to make the day but have stuff you want to contribute, please message us and we may be able to arrange a pickup/dropoff for your items.

For more information, check out the facebook events page.


Women’s Size Petite to Medium Clothing and Costume Swap, SE Portland, October 19th

Women’s XS to Medium (approx size 0-8) – Clean out your closet,  gather all the clothes AND COSTUMES THIS MONTH in good condition that you don’t wear or want: Include accessories like shoes, hats, belts, purses, jewelry, etc. (but please: no ‘stuff’, used make-up or undergarments). Our next women’s/teens Petite to Medium (approx 0-8) swap at People’s Co-op will be Friday October 19th at 7pm.  Arrive early and please limit to good quality – no rips or stains, or grease. If you have larger sizes or kids sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes. 

What: FREE Women’s Size Small to Medium (approx 0-8) Clothing Swap

Where: People’s Food Coop 3029 SE 21st avenue, Portland OR 97202 503.232.9051

When: Friday 10/19/18  7pm Upstairs Community Room

You can also receive swap notifications through the Facebook group page called SE Clothing Swap XS/Petite Women at: and request to join the group.  We meet monthly on the third Friday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Share & receive awesome clothes!

It’s best to arrive 5-10 minutes early as we will start promptly at 7pm.We start & leave on-time so please plan extra time to be a few minutes early so you get plenty of awesome new duds! – include time for traffic, weird parking issues, etc. Most trading is done from the beginning to around…approx 7:25ish I would say, & we’re out & ready for Friday night by about 7:45.

Everyone waits to take anything until the swap starts, and there is a firm rule about NOT selling any clothes you get from a swap.


1. Bring only clean clothes, in good condition, in the correct sizes (this swap is size petite to medium only please).

2. Do NOT take anything before the swap coordinator says “go”.

3. Be kind and courteous to other swappers.

4. Do not sell things you get from the swap.

*By participating in this swap, you agree to and will follow the above rules.


I provide the structure & bring the leftovers down the street, & ask you gals to help me bag & bring stuff down to my car so I can do that easily. Thanks for helping to make your swap community a reality, and remember by participating in free swaps you agree to not sell anything you get for free at a free swap, but can give it away or bring it back to the next swap if you decide it’s not quite ‘you’.  Good karma continues as we’re all philanthropists making a positive difference for ourselves and others!

Anyway, yay! Please bring full-length mirrors if you have them – what I can handle is coming, posting, managing fb, reminding & dropping stuff off after…:-) Help with all else welcome & encouraged please :-D! Then, please bring a reasonable amount of non-stained, non-ripped clothes – about a bag’s worth or so/more.

Also, sorry but non-clothing items kept being left behind, so ‘stuff’ has been found to be outside of this swap’s abilities at this time. Please do not bring anything that is not wearable. Also, all must wait to take anything until everyone arrives & the swap starts, & scout’s honor not to come to the swap for materials to sell, or the swap won’t work anymore!
Otherwise, welcome from myself & all of us ladies in community working together to make this possible!

Please help at the end by gathering all the stuff up & putting it in my little car,  bring a new clean plastic or paper bag(s) every time for remainders!

In case of any emergencies I’d love it if folks would stay tuned to the  Facebook Group  just in case, but the donation location is just a few blocks away & instructions will be simple! Yay:-)  Good tidings & fun times to all our sharers of the wealth:-) may true sharing bring you abundance.   Volunteer Swap Hostess Shay Mullins, and all the people who step forward to make this work!

Women’s Size 6-12 Medium Clothing Swap, NE Portland, October 13th

Check your closet, drawers and storage, wash clothes and other wearables you no longer love/wear/need (including cleaning up jewelry, purses, shoes, and other accessories) and bring them to the women’s medium size 6-12 clothing swap!  This is a swap for women and teens who wear women’s sizes 6-12.   No children or babies please.

What: size 6-12 medium women’s FREE clothing swap  (You can bring costumes and accessories to this October Swap!!!)

When: Saturday October 13th, 2018, 2pm.

Swaps at this location are usually the 2nd Saturday of each month, and usually last about an hour. If a few women can start putting remainders into piles around 3pm, that would be appreciated!

Where: Evergreen Community Church (in the gym) 935 N.E. 33rd Avenue. Portland OR 97232

Directions: two blocks south of Sandy Blvd on 33rd (the west fork in the road), at Pacific Street, in a modern red brick building. There is a parking lot behind the church. Early arrivers will get a parking lot space, if you’re late you might want to park on the street instead. The gym is across from the playground.

What to bring: Bring only CLEAN and wearable women’s and junior/petite equivalent clothes in size 6-12. Also bring any accessories, shoes, purses, etc. Bring bags to take your new clothes home with you (some women bring rolling suitcases).

The reason we ask that all clothes be washed and in good condition (ie no rips/missing zippers etc.) before bringing them is two fold: 1. so people with allergies at the swap aren’t miserable and 2. the remainders are immediately donated, and it would be rude to donate musty or non-wearable clothing to others. Thanks for being the considerate women that you are:)

The idea behind Swap Positive is to offer and get free clothes, forever. We are a free swap, not a swap meet. See the difference here:

No money changes hands with these clothes ~ even if you get them home and decide they aren’t quite ‘you’, we ask that you GIVE them away to someone, not sell them. That is the mission of Swap Positive.

1. Wash all items before bringing to the swap. Check the pockets for tissues, gum, and money.

2. We are a clothing swap, not fabric swap, so the bottoms of pant legs or sweaters with a sleeve missing are not usable for us regular people. Also, please no food items. Save the wonderful other household stuff for our December gift swap or April stuff swap…unless you will pack it out when you leave so we don’t need to find a home for it.

3. No cheating! No taking, or hiding, or stuffing things into your sack before we officially start! It only makes it fair for all of us. Please feel free to gently and kindly remind others of our swap rules – they will feel better knowing the rules, and you will feel better knowing you are helping swaps run smoothly for everyone.

4. Wear a swim suit or spandex workout clothes under your street clothes when you swap. Try stuff on before you take it home. See how great you look in a mirror (if you have a full length mirror you could bring, that would be helpful). If it doesn’t fit, throw it back into the pile so someone else can see if it fits them.

5. It’s fun to see people smile as they try on something you brought, or see the encouragement of ‘that looks great on you’ and ‘here are some jeans your size’. You’ll be able to try new fashions you’d never dream to try on in a store, and it’s all because GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!

6. All remainders will be donated to a non-profit that will give the items away for FREE:)  Swap remainders either go to the Portland PTA clothing closet, or “It’s Your Day”, a female inmate release program through Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) so the spirit of free frugal fun continues to make a positive difference helping bring joy and needed items to women and their families! Learn more about the program here.  I’ve been told PPS clothing closet needs/tastes run the gamut – from fashionista, conservative, retro, special needs – so as long as it’s clean and in good shape there’s someone who would enjoy your tasteful goodies:)

7. Please do NOT bring: clothes that are larger than women’s size 12, children’s clothes, clothes that are ripped/stained/dirty/smelly/not wearable. Go to to find a children’s clothing swap, large clothing swap, or all-size swap venue. Please take your non 6-12 clothes to an appropriate venue. Thanks for your understanding.

If this is your first swap, Here’s how a Swap works…

Shoes, purses, accessories, and jewelry will be in a separate pile.

All of the clothes will be kept in bags while we wait. Shoes and accessories can go into a separate pile…but no pre-swapping (taking things or scooting them into piles before we start). When everyone is present, the swap coordinator will give the go-ahead and we’ll empty bags of clothing into rows on the floor. After you empty your bags, please step back until everything is out and ready. Things in the middle of the room in rows are free. Items in little piles around the room, against the walls in bags, or on chairs are someones’ stash.

When everything is in rows, the swap coordinator will say, “Go!” And we’ll all start at the same time. That way everyone has the same opportunity to find new clothes.

Take what looks good to you, gather it into your pile, then try them on.  A few full length mirrors are available, but please feel free to bring your own if you have one to share. If the clothes aren’t quite ‘you’, throw them back into the pile for someone else to enjoy.

Please support our mission by enjoying the swap as a place to get free stuff, and if you part with your new-to-you swap items, we ask that YOU do it in a free way too!

If you would like to contact the PCL size medium Free Swap hostess Anna directly, her email is  If you don’t see a free swap in your size, interest, or neighborhood, how about starting one?  Find out more here.

Thanks for being a part of the FREE swapping community!

P.S.  YOU CAN ALSO BRING CAT FOOD TO THIS SWAP!  Swap hostess Anna helps feral cat rescuers with their colonies.  If you have dry or canned cat food you would like to donate (non-expired, and non-buggy, but it’s fine if it has been opened), Anna will donate it to those in need.  Please give this donation directly to Anna.  Thank you!”

Need volunteer to pick up remainder costumes and decorations

Hi swappers!  The women’s size 6-12 swap in NE Portland would like someone to pick up the costumes and decorations after the swap October 13th around 3pm.

If you know of a theater group, or you are attending an upcoming swap in October that would like a starter-pile of Halloween goodies, please let me know by emailing

Heck, if you want the remainders to decorate your own house and for your own costume box that would work too!

Email your name and phone number, and that you will pick up October 13th at 3pm, to and I’ll give you the address to the swap.

You can be any sex/size to pick up the remainders – many costumes/accessories and all decorations tend to be one-size-fits-many.


October 2018 Free Swaps

Happy fall!  We have a variety of free swaps this month including all-size women/teens swaps, stuff/toy/book swaps, family swap, transgender swap, maternity and baby swap, and sized swaps. Several of the swaps include Halloween costumes, so come out and play! If you don’t see a swap in a size or location that you like, we invite you to start one!  Here’s how to start a Free Swap.

10/06/18  Women’s and Teens All Size Clothing and Small Household Stuff Swap 6pm at the Rushing Water Yoga Studio in Downtown Camas WA.  This is now an All Size Women’s swap, so please pre-sort your clothes so they can be separated into piles small, medium, large, plus, and accessories. Also small household items. Takes place the first Saturday of the month September through June (No swaps July and August).  Please RSVP to Dorothy at

10/07/18 Family All Size Clothing Swap (Beaverton) 7pm @ Adapt Training at 9923 SW Arctic Dr Beaverton, OR 97005. Bring your whole family!   Our swap is FREE, with no admission charge, no strings attached, and all remainders will be given away for free or to organizations that will not sell them but will give them away. For further details contact Kirsten at  Carla or Juleea at or check the facebook page.  Meets every other month (usually on the first Sunday February, April, June, August, October, December 2018)

10/13/18 Women’s size 6-12 Clothing and Accessories Swap in NE Portland at the Evergreen Community Church. For what to expect see details here 

10/13/18 Transgender Clothing swap, Saturday October 13th, 2:30-3:30 at the Portland State University Smith Memorial Student Union Center building.  5th quarterly(-ish) PDX Trans & Queer Clothing Swap. Stellar transit access and an accessible space in the same building as the Queer Resource Center and Disability Resource Center. Be part of the amazing volunteer crew who makes this possible .  Check out the facebook events page

10/13/18 Maternity, Baby, and Kids clothing/accessories/toys/books swap, 2-3pm at the PCC Rock Creek Campus, 17705 NW Springville Rd, Portland OR 97229,  Event Center in Building 9. There are no limits to how much to bring or take, we just ask that you take only what you need. Please bring something to carry home all of your new-to-you finds! Any leftover items will be donated to Northwest Children’s Outreach.  For additional details, check out the facebook events page

10/19/18  Women’s Size Petite to Medium (approx 0-8)  Clothing Swap at People’s Food Co-op in SE Portland at 7pm.  Everyone who attends, please bring an extra bag for remainder donation.  Monthly on the third Friday.  If you’ve got other sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes.  If they are torn/ripped, please offer them on If you would like to receive notifications via facebook, go to: and request to join the group

10/20/18 Family Clothing and Stuff Swap – all ages and sizes.  Includes Halloween costumes, toys, maternity, jewelry, and of course mens women’s and kids clothes.  3pm-6pm at 1375 Lockhaven Dr. NE, Keizer OR 97303. For more information, check out the facebook events page.


10/21/18 Size 10-14 Women’s Clothing Swap in SE Portland, 10:45am at the Jazzersize Fitness Center near 18th and SE Burnside.  Please e-mail Amy Alice at to be put on the email list for her quarterly swaps.

10/26/18 Women’s All Size Clothing and Stuff Swap in Happy Valley, 7pm at New Seasons market on Sunnyside in the yoga studio/conference room. The last Friday of the month.  You can bring not only clothes but shoes and accessories and any other goodies that you want to pass on (such as books, jewelry, lotions, makeup, pens, arts and crafts and etc). If you know of a good organization that can use the leftover clothes or if you can take it with you please let me know. To RSVP (reserve your spot) contact Tanya at

Petite to Medium Women’s Clothing AND Costume Swap, SE Portland, October 20th

Women’s XS to Medium (approx size 0-8) – Clean out your closet,  gather all the clothes  – and costumes – in good condition that you don’t wear or want: Include accessories like shoes, hats, belts, purses, jewelry, wigs, etc. (but please: no ‘stuff’, used make-up or undergarments). Our next women’s/teens Petite to Medium (approx 0-8) swap at People’s Co-op will be Friday October 20th at 7pm.  Arrive early and please limit to good quality – no rips or stains, or grease. If you have larger sizes or kids sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes. 

What: FREE Women’s Size Small to Medium (approx 0-8) Clothing Swap

Where: People’s Food Coop 3029 SE 21st avenue, Portland OR 97202 503.232.9051

When: Friday 10/20/17  7pm Upstairs Community Room

You can also receive swap notifications through the Facebook group page called Continue reading

Transgender/Queer Clothing, Accessories, and Costume Swap, North Portland, October 15th

Transgender/Queer Clothing and Accessories Swap!  October you can bring fall and winter clothing, accessories, and Costumes, too!

What:  Clothing, accessory, and costume swap exclusively for the Trans and Queer community!

When: Sunday October 15th, from 2pm-6pm at the Q Center

The first event in July was nothing short of amazing!  Thank you all so much for spreading the word, showing up and sharing the love and the incredible array of fabulous fashion!

We’ll be updating the FAQ based on what we learned from the first event, so keep an eye on that there: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

This is a safe and fun place for the Trans and Queer community to share and find new-to-you items.  Visit the PDX Trans and Queer Clothing Swap facebook page

This swap takes place quarterly! Contact