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NEW* Halloween and Holiday Costumes, Clothing, Decorations, and Accessories Swap, NE PDX, October 15th

NEW* Halloween and Holiday Costumes, Clothing, Decorations, and Accessories Swap, NE PDX, October 15th

A brand new swap in NE Portland featuring costume items and accessories! Goofy, flamboyant, or potentially scary – anything wearable or that could be used to create a fun or interesting outfit is welcome. Bring Halloween Décor as well.

Where: 5311 NE 15th Avenue, on the corner of 15th and Emerson, with the big front yard.

When: Saturday October 15th at NOON.

Free Swap rules apply.

If the October Halloween Costume swap goes well, it might continue as a monthly or quarterly costume swap for any used costumes and fun accessories, items for theater, comic-con, dress up, retro parties, Renaissance faire, or anything odd and fun to wear! Get rid of those weird items around your house and costumes that are not ‘you’ anymore, or that you’ve outgrown. Regular clothing items welcome too. Vote that you want continued costume swaps by showing up to this October Free Costume Swap!

Contact Bert Fitzgerald 574-213-5468. And check out the Yonder House facebook page for more information on upcoming free events.

Women’s size 6-12 Clothing and Costume Swap, NE Portland, October 10th

Check your closet, drawers and storage, wash clothes and other wearables you no longer love/wear/need (including cleaning up jewelry, purses, shoes, and other accessories) and bring them to the women’s medium size 6-12 clothing swap!  This is a swap for women and teens who wear women’s sizes 6-12 only.   No children please.

YOU CAN BRING COSTUMES and HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS IN OCTOBER!  PUT THEM IN THE ACCESSORIES AREA. Angela will take Halloween/costume remainders to foster kids and a school drama department, so everyone can play and have fun – Thanks Angela! The PTA clothing closet will take all non-costume clothing and distribute to the Portland Public Schools for teens, as usual – thanks Jackee!

What: size 6-12 medium women’s FREE clothing and costume swap 

When: Saturday October 10th 2015, 2pm.

Swaps are usually the 2nd Saturday of each month, and usually last about an hour. If a few women can start putting remainders into piles or bags around 3pm, that would be appreciated!  Also, Continue reading