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Family Clothing, Footwear, and Book Swap, North Portland, July 1st

Family Clothing, Footwear, and Book Swap Sunday July 1st, 2-4pm at the Kenton Church 2115 N Lombard street Portland OR 97217, in the basement.

Come join the fun! Everyone is welcome. All sizes of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing will be exchanged. No donation is required in order to receive clothing, but feel free to bring clothing and shoes in good condition to swap.

We also are swapping BOOKS!  So make sure to bring in all the books you are finished with, and swap them for some great summer reads!

What: All Size/All Age Clothing, Footwear, and Book Swap

When: Sunday July 1st, 2-4pm

Where: Kenton Church Basement 2115 N Lombard street Portland OR 97217

Frequently asked questions about this swap

This quarterly swap usually takes place spring, summer, fall, winter. Contact Ginny for more information at


July Free Swaps

Hi Swappers!  July and August some of our swap host volunteers take vacations – but there’s still plenty of fun going on with a family clothing swap (all sizes of men, women, kids/babies) for all ages that includes BOOKS! A Clothing AND Stuff swap for people of all ages, as well as several women’s sized clothing swaps.  If you host a swap not listed here, please contact me and I’ll add it to our list to bring more interested people with goodies to your swap for free! Or if you want to start a free swap in a category of your choice, here’s how.

07/01/18 Family Clothing and Footwear Swap AND BOOKS! (North Portland), Quarterly on a Sunday, 2-4pm at the Kenton Church 2115 N Lombard street Portland OR 97217, in the basement. Everyone is welcome. All sizes of Men’s, Women’s, Children’s and Babies clothing will be exchanged, as well as books. No donation is required in order to receive. Frequently asked questions about this swap  This quarterly swap usually takes place March, June, September, January. Contact Ginny for more information at

07/14/18 Women’s Size 6-12 Clothing Swap in NE Portland at the Evergreen Community Church.  For what to expect see details here.  Usually second Saturday of the month.

07/17/18 Clothing and Stuff Swap for All People (child-friendly venue). Declutter your home! Bring gently used items you no longer want and find new to you treasures. Items can include clothes, books, music, housewares, children’s toys, small electronics, small furniture. For each item you bring, you get to take one item. What:  Clothing and Stuff swap! Who: All People!  This is a kid-friendly venue. When: Tuesday July 17th, 6:30pm-8pm. Where: Garden Home Community Library Annex, 7306 Southwest Oleson Road Portland OR 97223. This event is free and open to the public. All items are free. All leftovers will be donated at the end of the event. For more information, check out the facebook event page.

07/20/18   Women’s Size Petite to Medium (approx 0-8)  Clothing Swap at People’s Food Co-op in SE Portland at 7pm.  Everyone who attends, please bring an extra bag for remainder donation.  Monthly on the third Friday.  If you’ve got other sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes.  If they are torn/ripped, please offer them on If you would like to receive notifications via facebook, go to: and request to join the group

07/27/18 Women’s All Size Clothing and Stuff Swap in Happy Valley, 7pm at New Seasons market on Sunnyside in the yoga studio/conference room. The last Friday of the month.  Bring all sizes of women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories …plus any other small goodies that you want to pass on (such as books, jewelry, lotions, makeup, pens, arts and crafts and etc). If you know of a good organization that can use the leftover clothes or if you can take it with you please let me know. To RSVP (reserve your spot) contact Tanya at 

Women’s Size Petite to Medium (approx 0-8) Clothing Swap, SE Portland, June 15th

Women’s XS to Medium (approx size 0-8) – Clean out your closet,  gather all the clothes in good condition that you don’t wear or want: Include accessories like shoes, hats, belts, purses, jewelry, etc. (but please: no ‘stuff’, used make-up or undergarments). Our next women’s/teens Petite to Medium (approx 0-8) swap at People’s Co-op will be Friday June 15th at 7pm.  Arrive early and please limit to good quality – no rips or stains, or grease. If you have larger sizes or kids sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes. 

What: FREE Women’s Size Small to Medium (approx 0-8) Clothing Swap

Where: People’s Food Coop 3029 SE 21st avenue, Portland OR 97202 503.232.9051

When: Friday 06/15/18  7pm Upstairs Community Room

You can also receive swap notifications Continue reading

Women’s Size 10-14 Clothing and Accessories Swap, Central Eastside, June 10th

It’s time for you to think about all of those clothes and accessories in your closet that you don’t wear, that don’t fit, that you no longer use or want, and that NEED a new life and someone else to wear and enjoy them!

Clean out your closets, storage, and accessories drawers, and wash up all of those items in good condition that you don’t want/wear anymore.  Bring everything wearable to this swap.

WHO:  Women and teens who wear clothes sizes 10-14  Feel free to bring your pals! and please e-mail me at so I may send them information and keep them in the loop!

WHEN: Sunday, June 10th, STARTING at 10:45am.   There is a Continue reading

Women’s Size 6-12 Clothing Swap, NE Portland, June 9th

Check your closet, drawers and storage, wash clothes and other wearables you no longer love/wear/need (including cleaning up jewelry, purses, shoes, and other accessories) and bring them to the women’s medium size 6-12 clothing swap!  This is a swap for women and teens who wear women’s sizes 6-12.   No children or babies please.

What: size 6-12 medium women’s FREE clothing swap 

When: Saturday June 9th, 2018, 2pm.

Swaps at this location are usually the 2nd Saturday of each month, and usually last about an hour. If a few women can start putting remainders into piles around 3pm, that would be appreciated!

Where: Evergreen Community Church (in the gym) 935 N.E. 33rd Avenue. Portland OR 97232 Continue reading

Family All Size Clothing Swap, Beaverton, June 3rd

Family All Size Clothing Swap! Bring your whole family – Everyone’s invited – men, women, teens, kids, babies!
When:   Sunday June 3rd, 7pm

Where: Adapt Training 9923 SW Arctic Drive, Beaverton Oregon 97005.

Men, Women, Teens, and Kids can bring your gently used-in-excellent condition clothes, shoes, and accessories, and go home with new items you can use!  This event is FREE and open to the public. All sizes, ages, and families are welcome.  So that you know what to expect, and so it’s fun for everyone, please read our  Free Swap rules.

Our swap is FREE, with no admission charge, no strings attached, and all remainders will be given away for free or to organizations that will not sell them but will give them away. This swap meets every other month (usually on the first Sunday February, April, June, August, October, December 2018)

For further details contact Kirsten at  Juleea at or check the facebook page. Phone 503-646-8482.

Men, Women, and Teens All Size Clothing Swap, June 2nd, Longview

Cowlitz County All Size Clothing Swap for Men, Women, and Teens!

Saturday, June 2nd, 10am-noon at the Longview Public library, 1600 Louisiana St. Longview Washington.

This is an open event for men, women, and teens who’d like to participate in our quarterly clothing swap in Cowlitz County.  Shop quality clothing and accessories that other people haven’t worn in a while, don’t fit anymore or just need a new home. Go through your closet and collect items that you’re having a rough relationship with; shoes, handbags, travel bags, scarves, accessories. EXCLUDES lingerie and underwear. All items must be clean and free of stains or repair needs.

All unclaimed items will be donated to a local organization that I will update you with ASAP. We look forward to seeing you soon!

This is how a free swap works:

1. Shoes, accessories, and jewelry will be in a separate pile so they don’t snag clothing items.

2. All of the clothes you bring will be kept in bags while we wait for everyone to arrive.

3. No pre-swapping (taking things or scooting them into piles before we start).

4. When everyone is present, the swap coordinator will give the go-ahead and we’ll empty bags of clothing into rows on the floor. After you empty your bags, please step back against the wall until everything is out and ready.

5. Things in the middle of the room in rows are free. Items in little piles around the room, against the walls in bags, or on chairs are someones’ stash.

6. When everything is in rows, the swap coordinator will say, “Go!” And we’ll all start at the same time. That way everyone has the same opportunity to find new clothes.

7. Take what looks good to you, gather it into your pile, then try them on. A full length mirror will be available, but please feel free to bring your own if you have one to share. If the clothes aren’t quite ‘you’, throw them back into the pile for someone else to enjoy.

8. Please support our mission by enjoying the swap as a place to get free stuff, and if you part with your new-to-you swap items, we ask that YOU do it in a free way too!

If you can’t make it to the swap but would like to donate your clean, unwanted items, email Elaine Brown for pick up and drop off location