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Women’s All Size Clothing and Stuff Swap, Happy Valley, December 28th

Bring a friend and join us!! With the new clothes and giftable stuff you got for the holidays, you probably have some stuff you’ve realized just ‘isn’t you’ anymore.  Wash it up and bring it to the swap!  Then get some New Clothes and bling for the New Year!

Women’s All Size Clothing and Stuff Swap in Happy Valley,

Friday December 28th!  See you all at 7 pm! 

7 pm Friday December 28th
New Seasons Market on Sunnyside in the yoga studio/conference room inside New Seasons

15861 SE Happy Valley Town Center Dr,
Happy Valley, OR 97086.

The last Friday of the month.

You can bring clothes, shoes and accessories…plus any other in good condition stuff that you want to pass on (such as books, jewelry, lotions, makeup, pens, arts and crafts and etc).

If you know of a good organization that can use the leftover clothes or if you can take it with you please let me know. To RSVP (reserve your spot) contact Tanya at


2018 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap Short Video

Thanks to Chris for taking this short Holiday Gift and Toy Swap video today!  It was a great swap! Thank you to the volunteers, and the generous, kind people who participated!

Swap Positive Advisory Board Wanted

Hi Swappers!

I’m looking for a Swap Positive Advisory board to explore next steps.  I started Swap Positive 14 years ago and it’s developed into an amazing way to benefit all stakeholders (Tokyo TV said they came over to interview me due to the high SEO of Swap Positive)!  However, since it’s just little ole’ me doing all the behind the scenes stuff, if something happens to me, Swap Positive would end!  I need an organization to share the responsibility.  Seeing that my passion and leadership has elevated my little volunteer social experiment into a high SEO powerhouse…it could now become self-supporting…but only with expert help!

Thus, why I’m looking for a Swap Positive Volunteer Advisory Board to explore next steps. I seek professionals who understand and support Swap Positive. Below is my dream advisory team (but I’m open to ANY help to create a way for Swap Positive to become self-sustaining!)

Please email me at if you can help!

1. Business Advisor, to help expand Swap Positive so it’s funded and self-sustaining

2. Website Designer Current Site on unsupported template and losing functionality.  I’ve purchased the domain names and  Site needs to be made easier to navigate.  Venues, swap hosts, and non-profit picking up remainders need to more easily connect.  A calendar that is easy for everyone to read, and venues and hosts can update their swap info themselves without affecting other entries. A donate button needed.

3. Lawyer I started Swap Positive as a hobby for fun.  How can we move this towards a self-supporting organization while keeping it easy and fun for me and for all free swappers?

4. Accountant/CPA  When/if we get money from donations, investment, business, etc. how do we structure the company so that staff and bills get paid?

5. B- Corp Liaison  Swap Positive and B-Corps share much of the same mission.  Let’s figure out how we can partner

6. Government liaison How can government support Swap positive to keep usable items out of landfills, fill community needs for free?  We’ve had good input in the past, but I’d like an ongoing liaison to advise me.

7. Business Liaison Swap Positive brings in customers through free venue association, benefits company recycling goals, and provides free employee benefits. Let’s connect with businesses for mutual benefit!

8. Venue liaison Person to compile list of venues willing to host swaps, keep information updated on website.

9. Non-profit liaison Person to compile list of non-profits who’ll pick up remainders, keep information updated on website.

10. What can you offer on our Swap Positive Advisory Board? (please contact me at

I’d like to meet once a month, so if you could email your name, email, phone, way you can help, and best days/times for you to meet, that would be Great!  Email, and in the subject line write “Swap Positive Advisory Board”

Women’s Size Petite to Medium Clothing Swap, SE Portland, December 21st

Women’s XS to Medium (approx size 0-8) – Clean out your closet,  gather all the clothes in good condition that you don’t wear or want: Include accessories like shoes, hats, belts, purses, jewelry, etc. (but please: no ‘stuff’, used make-up or undergarments). Our next women’s/teens Petite to Medium (approx 0-8) swap at People’s Co-op will be Friday December 21st at 7pm.  Arrive early and please limit to good quality – no rips or stains, or grease. If you have larger sizes or kids sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes. 

What: FREE Women’s Size Small to Medium (approx 0-8) Clothing Swap

Where: People’s Food Coop 3029 SE 21st avenue, Portland OR 97202 503.232.9051

When: Friday 12/21/18  7pm Upstairs Community Room

You can also receive swap notifications through the Facebook group page called SE Clothing Swap XS/Petite Women at: and request to join the group.  We meet monthly on the third Friday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Share & receive awesome clothes!

It’s best to arrive 5-10 minutes early as we will start promptly at 7pm.We start & leave on-time so please plan extra time to be a few minutes early so you get plenty of awesome new duds! – include time for traffic, weird parking issues, etc. Most trading is done from the beginning to around…approx 7:25ish I would say, & we’re out & ready for Friday night by about 7:45.

Everyone waits to take anything until the swap starts, and there is a firm rule about NOT selling any clothes you get from a swap.


1. Bring only clean clothes, in good condition, in the correct sizes (this swap is size petite to medium only please).

2. Do NOT take anything before the swap coordinator says “go”.

3. Be kind and courteous to other swappers.

4. Do not sell things you get from the swap.

*By participating in this swap, you agree to and will follow the above rules.


I provide the structure & bring the leftovers down the street, & ask you gals to help me bag & bring stuff down to my car so I can do that easily. Thanks for helping to make your swap community a reality, and remember by participating in free swaps you agree to not sell anything you get for free at a free swap, but can give it away or bring it back to the next swap if you decide it’s not quite ‘you’.  Good karma continues as we’re all philanthropists making a positive difference for ourselves and others!

Anyway, yay! Please bring full-length mirrors if you have them – what I can handle is coming, posting, managing fb, reminding & dropping stuff off after…:-) Help with all else welcome & encouraged please :-D! Then, please bring a reasonable amount of non-stained, non-ripped clothes – about a bag’s worth or so/more.

Also, sorry but non-clothing items kept being left behind, so ‘stuff’ has been found to be outside of this swap’s abilities at this time. Please do not bring anything that is not wearable. Also, all must wait to take anything until everyone arrives & the swap starts, & scout’s honor not to come to the swap for materials to sell, or the swap won’t work anymore!
Otherwise, welcome from myself & all of us ladies in community working together to make this possible!

Please help at the end by gathering all the stuff up & putting it in my little car,  bring a new clean plastic or paper bag(s) every time for remainders!

In case of any emergencies I’d love it if folks would stay tuned to the  Facebook Group  just in case, but the donation location is just a few blocks away & instructions will be simple! Yay:-)  Good tidings & fun times to all our sharers of the wealth:-) may true sharing bring you abundance.   Volunteer Swap Hostess Shay Mullins, and all the people who step forward to make this work!

Mom’s Clothing and Gift Swap, and Potluck, SE Portland, December 16th

What:  A Holiday celebration for Moms that includes Potluck finger food snacks, music, raffle prizes, clothing and gift swap, and fun! This event is sponsored by members of the Portland Mama’s Free Items Group Facebook page

Where:  St. Peter and Paul Church, 247 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97215

When: Sunday December 16th 4pm-8pm, but can arrive after 3pm to set up donations of snacks, swap items, mingle etc.

RSVP how many you are bringing by text to 971-401-7899 or join the Portland Mama’s Free Items Facebook group and click ‘going’. This event is focused on Mom’s, but if you need to bring kids please be responsible for them.

POTLUCK and FREE SWAP: Can arrive any time after 3pm to set out items, Potluck and Swap begin at 4pm.  (Free swaps usually last about an hour, so arrive early for the best selection.  However, even if you arrive later, there will be others arriving later as well and adding items, plus the raffles take place from 4pm -8pm.  Must be present to win the raffle prizes.)

Potluck: If you can bring a finger food dish or snack to share, or a new item to donate for the raffle, that would be wonderful, but not required. Everyone who attends will get a free raffle ticket!

Free Clothing and Stuff Swap: Go through your house and storage, find in-good-condition items you no longer need/use love, wash them up, make sure all the pieces are there, and bring them to the swap! Bring giftable and wearable items in good condition to swap including: holiday decorations, kid, baby, and teen clothes, mom and maternity clothes, toys, books, household and kitchen items, games, fun and pampering stuff teens and mom’s like – basically anything clean and in good shape that is giftable! When the swap begins, feel free to take what you will use or give as gifts. Please be kind, generous and courteous. All remainders will be donated to bless families in the community.

In between snacking and swapping, there will be music from 4-7pm. Relax, visit, and chill with other Moms! This is a chance to de-clutter, find new-to-you items, enjoy a visit and food with new friends, listen to music, and refresh yourself!

If you are a Mom, you can also join the Portland Mama’s Free Items Group Facebook page

Holiday Gift and Toy Swap, NE Portland, December 8th

As of 11/18/18  the 2018 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap is full, with a waiting list. For those who have already RSVP’d and been contacted, if you find that you or someone in your party can’t make it to the swap, please contact Christine so she can give your open spot to the next person in line.  Thank you!

It’s time to declutter your home and storage, gather up items in great shape that you no longer need/use/love, wash them up, make sure all the pieces are there, and bring them to the 2018 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap! This has become a FAVORITE Holiday tradition! Combine house cleaning, gift shopping, philanthropy, and free frugal fun!

The 2018 HOLIDAY GIFT & TOY SWAP is Saturday December 8th, 2pm, in the Evergreen Community Church gym.  Due to space constraints, you must RSVP (reserve your spot)! This is an adult and teen only event.  Please leave children, babies, and pets home safely with a sitter.

Gift Swaps are tons of fun – watch here to learn more!

The gym is unheated so dress warmly. Since kind women, men and teens are invited, YOU MUST READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND HAVE AN ENTRY ‘TICKET’ TO GET INTO THIS SWAP (see below).


To attend this event, you and your guests need to read and abide by the Free Swap Rules, and What To Bring (below). To get on our Reservation/entry list, email volunteer Christine’s special 2018 Gift and Toy Swap RSVP email and in the subject line write the total number in your party. Due to volume, Christine may not be able to respond immediately, but she is able to track the order in which they are received, so she asks everyone to be patient and she will get back to you. When Christine has you on her list – your name, number of people, and email address – she will email you back your confirmation.  THIS CONFIRMATION IS YOUR ENTRY TICKET. Only 150 spots available!  Due to space constraints, you will not be allowed into the event unless you and your guests are on the list, so it’s important that you fill in your subject line info and send it to the correct email address.  We can’t be responsible for RSVP emails sent to any address other than .  If you or one of your guests can’t make it, please email Christine as soon as possible so she can offer the spot(s) to the next in line.


  1. No selling anything you received at a free swap. If you get it free and decide later you don’t want it, you agree to give it away (not consign, sell, eBay etc.). All remainders are given to charities that will give them away, not sell them, so your philanthropy keeps good karma and fun flowing for yourself and others this holiday season!
  2. Kind women, men, and teens are invited to this swap. Please leave babies, toddlers, early grade school children, and pets safely at home with a sitter – that way you can shop for them! Plus, the gym won’t be echoing with excited whoops or cries. Carpooling is recommended.
  3. Be generous. Be respectful of each other. Only take what you will personally use or give as gifts.
  4. If you feel the above 3 rules are too difficult or don’t apply to you, don’t come. Those who follow these simple rules will have a great time!


  1.  Scour your closets, garages, and home for things in gift-able condition. Please do not bring anything that is broken, dirty, or junky. We are all volunteers and don’t have the money to pay to dispose of junk, and the gym floor is carpeted and needs to be kept clean. All remainders immediately after the swap will be picked up and given to Bethlehem House Of Bread Free Store in Tigard, so other families can play spreading free holiday cheer!
  2. Between 1:30 and 1:55 bring in and put your items with like-minded stuff in rows. After you’ve put your items out, go to the walls of the gym so people coming in have room to put their stuff down in the middle. Leave a walkway down the middle of the gym so it’s easier to move around. (See photo at top of this post.) You decide which category/row your things would best fit.
  3.  No pre-shopping (scooting stuff into piles, or taking things before the swap coordinator says ‘go’). To make it fun and fair for everyone, we all wait until the swap leader says go, and then all start at the same time (this is NOT Walmart:). Since there will be possibly 100+ people we ask you to be responsible for yourselves and your guests. If you are an experienced swapper and see someone with wide eyes (the typical newbie stare of disbelief at all the amazing goodies) introduce yourself and answer any swap questions they may have.
  4.  Before we start, we’ll ask that everyone go stand next to something that looks interesting – but don’t pick it up yet – so there’s no mad rush before we begin. Feel free to mention which item you are going for with neighbors. That way if two people are going for the same teapot, you have some negotiating time (i.e. if person A doesn’t have a teapot, and person B has a teapot collection, obviously person A should get the teapot, and this gives person B a chance to go stand next to something else that looks interesting). When the emcee/coordinator says ‘go’ shortly after 2pm, then you can shop!
  5. Stuff in the middle in rows is free, boxes/bags of stuff around the walls of the gym is somebody’s stash.
  6. Bring a bag(s) or box(es) to take what you’d like home. Please be kind, courteous and generous, and focus on what we have in common: celebration of kindness and free frugal treasure hunting! If you find tons of stuff, and the person next to you only has a few items, allow them to have that item you both have your eye on:)


Search your house, garage, and storage for gift-able items you don’t need/want/love. Make sure the items are clean, in working order, and all the pieces are there. Nothing too big to fit in the backseat of a car, nothing illegal or toxic, and nothing that can’t be washed at home (i.e. no mattresses, large furniture, couch pillows, gasoline, etc.).  Would YOU like to receive it as a gift?  Then bring it!

  1. TOYS AND GAMES:  New and lightly used toys, dolls, stuffed animals, gag gifts, board games, puzzles, etc. with all the pieces still intact.
  2. MOVIES, BOOKS, CD’S DVD’S: Books in good condition, music on CD, DVD movies that are still in great working order. Computer games can go in the techie area if the book area is crowded.
  3. CRAFTS, FABRIC, ACCESSORIES: Scrap-booking, beading, knitting, sewing patterns and clean fabric, the gift towels that were the wrong color for your décor, holiday clothing accessories that are one-size-fits-most such as scarves, mittens, gloves, and hats. If an item is holiday related (i.e. Christmas sweater, holiday socks, Santa necktie) bring them. Please save non-holiday clothing for a designated clothing swap or we won’t have room for anything else!
  4. HOLIDAY AND HOUSEHOLD: Seasonal decorations, stocking stuffers, blender, dishes, potholders, coasters, fondue set, non-expired and non-opened holiday food items, table lamps. If you’d give it as a gift, bring it.
  5. TOOLS, TECHNOLOGY, GARDEN, PETS: Clean ratchet set, clean sports equipment, clean bicycles/tricycles in great shape, computers, cameras, gaming systems, computer games, clean garden pots and tools, viable seeds, clean pet dishes and toys.
  6. BREAKABLES AND COLLECTIBLES: jewelry, antiques, fancy glassware, collectibles, candy dishes, artwork, that collectible pirate ship or doll, perfume used once, lotion used once (i.e. still looks new – isn’t half full and doesn’t have gunk running down the side of the bottle).
  7. MISC. OTHER STUFF: Items you don’t know where else to put, plus this is an overflow area if other areas are too full.

If you have items you’re not sure where they go, just put them in a row that in some way makes reasonable sense…or put them in a row that isn’t too crowded.


Saturday December 8th, 2pm at the Evergreen Community Church (in the Gym) 935 N.E. 33rd Avenue. Portland OR 97232.
 Two blocks south of Sandy Blvd. on 33rd (the west fork in the road), at Pacific Street, in a small modern red brick building. There is a parking lot behind the church. The gym is directly across from the playground. Get there early to grab a parking lot space…late comers will need to park on the street. Also consider carpooling. We will have volunteers with clipboards holding the RSVP list at the door. Those on our RSVP list can sign and go in.

This is one of our most well-attended and magical swapping events of the year. It’s a lot of fun to clean out your house for the holidays, knowing that you’re making other people very happy by recycling things that you no longer need/use/love, and getting a treat or two for yourselves and your loved ones. As you can see by the video at the beginning of this blog entry, Free Swaps are for kind, generous people who know how to manage themselves in appropriate ways. No hoarding, no stampeding, no grabbing stuff…just fun, thrifty, kind people. Thank you for being a part of this fun-filled celebration of thrift!

Please support our mission by enjoying the swap as a place to GIVE and get free stuff, and if you part with your new-to-you swap items, we ask that YOU do it in a free way too!  Everyone who participates is a philanthropist!

If you don’t see a free swap in your size, interest, or neighborhood, how about starting one?  Find out more here.

Thanks for being a part of the FREE swapping community!

Family All Size Clothing Swap – Men, Women and Kids! Beaverton, December 2nd 2018

Family All Size Clothing Swap! Bring your whole family – Everyone’s invited – men, women, teens, kids, babies!
When:   Sunday December 2nd, 7pm
Where: Adapt Training 9923 SW Arctic Drive, Beaverton Oregon 97005.

Men, Women, Teens, and Kids can bring your gently used-in-excellent condition clothes, shoes, and accessories, and go home with new items you can use!  This event is FREE and open to the public. All sizes, ages, and families are welcome.  So that you know what to expect, and so it’s fun for everyone, please read our  Free Swap rules.

By coming to Free Swaps, you agree to the following Free Swap Rules:

1. Only bring clean items in good condition

2. Do not take anything before the swap coordinator says “go”.  

3. Be kind and generous to other swappers and the swap coordinators. Don’t take stuff you will not personally use or give as gifts.

4. You agree that you WILL NOT SELL ANYTHING that you received at any Free Swap(s). 

5. Free Swaps are UNIQUE! If you attend Free Swaps you are agreeing to abide by the Free Swap Mission/goals. If you feel the above rules are unreasonable, do not attend.

What a great way to declutter your closets AND refresh the whole families’ wardrobe all at the same time!

Our swap is FREE, with no admission charge, no strings attached, and all remainders will be given away for free or to organizations that will not sell them but will give them away.  This swap meets every other month (usually on the first Sunday February, April, June, August, October, December)

For further details contact Kirsten at  Juleea at or check the facebook page. Phone 503-646-8482.