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Virtual Potluck/Dinner Visit With the Weils, 6:30pm Wednesdays

Swap Host Bert Fitzgerald of Simone Weil House is temporarily replacing Wednesday open dinner and discussion with a Zoom event (link every Wednesday @6:30pm.

Bring your food to your computer, connect on zoom meet up, and share…

check ins
chewing noises
a reading from Dorothy Day
Lectio Divina
closing comments

Swap host Burt says when the Covid-19 is under control and things get back to ‘normal’, the Wednesday Potluck Open Dinner will be back to its normal location.

Swap host is Bert Fitzgerald,

For additional details and updates, check the Simone Weil House Facebook Page

Swaps Cancelled, Time To Spring Clean!

Hi swappers!  Due to the corona virus and social distancing, Free Swaps will be taking a health break until it’s safe for group fun again.  Since you may have time on your hands being at home, feel free to go through your closets and storage and start compiling goodies to bring to free swaps when they start up again!

Another option would be to join your neighborhood Buy Nothing Group.  This is like free swapping, but on a person-to-person gift basis with your neighbors.  You may want to visit online with your gift recipient, and leave items on your porch for pickup.  Another suggestion is you may wish to agree ahead of time to wash/sanitize the object before gifting and after receiving. Just some options.

Thank you for being a part of this community of free frugal fun!  Please take care of yourself.  Be safe.

In appreciation,

Barb Hughes, Founder, Swap Positive


CANCELLED Women’s Petite To Medium Clothing Swap, SE Portland, March 20th

CANCELLED Note from venue:  The Community Room is closed to the public until further notice.
Share and receive awesome clothes! Women’s XS to Medium (approx size 0-8) – Clean out your closet, gather all the clothes in good condition that you don’t wear or want: Include accessories like shoes, hats, belts, purses, jewelry, etc. (but please: no ‘stuff’, used make-up, or undergarments). Arrive early and please limit to good quality – no rips or stains, or grease. If you have larger sizes or kids sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes.

What: FREE Women’s Size Small to Medium (approx 0-8) Clothing Swap

Where: People’s Food Coop 3029 SE 21st avenue, Portland OR 97202 503.232.9051

When: March 20th, (the third Friday) 7pm Upstairs Community Room

You can also receive swap notifications through the Continue reading

CANCELLED: All Size Family Clothing Swap, Kelso, March 18

03.12.20 The South Kelso Neighborhood Association is no longer hosting a Monthly Free Community Clothing Swap/Give-away.

However, they DO have a clothing bank that is open Mondays 5-7pm, and Saturdays 10am-noon.

You can also bring your clean and in good condition clothing donations  (all sizes, ages, and genders).

Please contact 360-747-7240 or for more information.

CANCELLED: Potluck/Open Dinner, NE Portland, March 18th

Swap host Burt says this week’s event is cancelled.  Bert will let us know details and keep us updated about future potluck dinners as well.

Meet new people and share good food! Drop in on the Wednesday Potluck Open Dinner, every Wednesday at 6:30pm. Bring something to share! Come to chat, share food, build relationships. We’re also gathering clothes and working on having a clothing closet and place people can do laundry in our basement. I expect that will be ready for weekly use in 3 weeks (approx mid February)

When: Every Wednesday, starting at 6:30pm

Where: 5311 NE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97211-4905

Swap host is Bert Fitzgerald,

For additional details and updates, check the Simone Weil House Facebook Page

CANCELLED: The Trans and Queer Clothing Swap is Postponed until April 5th

The Trans and Queer Clothing Swap has been postponed until April 5th.   More information here

CANCELLED: RSVP for the 15th Annual Spring Stuff Swap, Happening April 11th 2020!

03.17.20 It is with a heavy heart that we must cancel the April 2020 Stuff Swap. The Multnomah County Health Department has declared a statewide emergency and the health and safety of our swappers is of the utmost importance. Thank you for understanding the seriousness of this cancelation. Stay safe and stay healthy.

-The Swap Positive Team

NOTE:  We will plan as if this swap will happen, and will be watching the health news.  If needed we will notify by email those who have RSVP’d, and also post on this site by April 8th if we need to cancel.  Swaps are all about free frugal fun – we want to swap THINGS, not ILLNESSES!  Thank you for your understanding!

RSVP NOW for the 15th Annual Spring Stuff Swap April 11th 2020!  Combine spring cleaning, sustainability, philanthropy, treasure hunting, and free frugal fun with like-minded friends! Your home will be less cluttered, your in-good-condition stuff will be loved by someone else, you’ll find new-to-you items you CAN use!  This Swaps remainders are being gifted to the local charity The HIV Day Center which GIVES them away, not sells them- so your generosity keeps giving! Be a part of the saving$, recycling, treasure hunting, philanthropy, and good karma flowing around!  If you’ve never been to a free gift or stuff swap, see one in action here.

Due to space constraints YOU MUST GET ON THE GUEST LIST TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE AT THIS SWAP (RSVP form link below), and read and agree to the swap guidelines Continue reading