What to expect


Click here to view a video of a clothing swap, and a video of a gift swap.

Shoes, purses, accessories, and jewelry are in a separate pile so when swapping starts, no one is hit by an errant shoe, and earrings don’t snag that nice sweater.

Some of the smaller swaps allow clothes to be laid out as women come in.  Some of the larger swaps ask that All the clothes be kept in bags while we wait for everyone to arrive.  When it’s time to start, the swap coordinator gives the go-ahead to empty bags into rows on the floor.  After you empty your bags, step back until everything is out and ready. Things in the middle of the room in rows are free.  Items in little piles around the room, against the walls or in bags are someones’ stash.

When everything is in rows, the swap coordinator will say, “Go!”  And we’ll all start at the same time.  That way everyone has the same opportunity to find new clothes.

Gather what looks good to you then try things on.  Mirrors are available (some coordinators bring full length mirrors to the venue to set up.  Other coordinators ask women to bring mirrors.  Some venue’s (like a yoga studio) have mirrors already there:).  If the clothes you try on aren’t quite ‘you’, throw them back into the rows for someone else to enjoy.

No re-sellers, ebay, etc.   All free swappers agree to support our mission of enjoying free swaps as a place to get free stuff, and if you part with your new-to-you swap items, we ask that YOU do it in a free way too!


Arrive at the venue at the stated time with clean in good condition items to swap.

I know it’s exciting to see all the free stuff laying around, but No cheating!  No taking, or hiding, or stuffing things into your sack before we officially start!  It only makes it fair for all of us.

Wear a swim suit or spandex workout clothes under your street clothes.  Many venues are in a public building. Occasionally a choir person, janitor, or male customer will wander in –  so not being naked is a good thing for all concerned.

Some women clear out whole wardrobes to swap their first time, then a few items after that.  You can bring a piece of jewelry and leave with a whole wardrobe or visa-versa. The point of the swap is to grab what you don’t want/use/need, clean it up, and bring it to swap for free.  We all have fun and find new stuff we like.  Be courteous and generous, and come prepared to play.

It’s fun to see people smile as they try on something you brought, or see the encouragement of ‘that looks great on you’ and ‘here’s some jeans in your size’.  You’ll be able to try new fashions you’d never dream to try on in a store, and it’s all because GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!

Please bring:  Items that correspond to the swap.  If it’s a clothing swap, bring clothing in good condition (freshly washed/clean, no rips, wearable, accessories in good shape). If it’s a children’s clothing swap,  bring children’s clothing. If it’s a craft swap, bring crafting items. If it’s a gift swap you can bring giftable items (things in new or slightly used condition that you would feel special giving/with receiving as a gift).

Please do NOT bring:  clothes that are not of the specified swap size, clothes that are ripped/stained/dirty/smelly/not wearable.  If you have unwearable clothing items you might try offering them on www.freecycle.org

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