Pick Up Remainders

Thanks to these organizations and individuals who pick up remainders and GIVE them away so the free fun continues!  

Portland State Re-Use/Resource room accepts school supplies, household supplies, clothing, and shares it with students and the community for free.  reuse@pdx.edu

Portland PTA Clothing Closet  accepts clothing of all sizes appropriate for Portland Public School kids pre-K through high school

Raphael House check website to see what they are accepting.  Many times it’s household kitchenware and bedding

Sunshine Food Pantry and Clothing  accepts mens and women’s clothes. Sunshine Pantry is a family-run nonprofit food pantry in Beaverton, Oregon. For more than 25 years the Sunshine Pantry has gathered food, clothing, household items, toys and toiletries to distribute to families in need in the community. Today we supply food, clothing, toys and toiletries to 500 families per month.

Snowcap  accepts clothing for all sizes appropriate for babies, children, and teenagers.  Especially warm coats and accessories, and in-season clothing

Insights Teen Parent Program  accepts baby clothes through size 5t, maternity clothing

Fish Community Services  accepts all clothing in good condition, and small household appliances/utensils

YMCA family resource center

Cindy Lou puts items on a free table in front of her house in Tigard, and also delivers swap remainders to Caring Closet, NW Children’s Outreach, and the Women’s Shelter.

Danielle Newman gives items to young moms mentoring play group

Shay Mullins takes to Rose Haven)

Kelsey Painter, AmeriCorps Academic Engagement Coordinator, Sabin SUN Community School, 503-916-6707 has picked up remainders in the past.

Jim Anderson Director & Founder 503-715-5300 Paying It Forward Store is a group of volunteers that have been helping low-income and homeless people Since November 2015. We collect donated clothing, coats, shoes, blankets, books and toys, and other things that might be of use to homeless people. We run an event like a store once a month at the moment on the 3rd Saturday of each month. We invite people out to shop for free. We do not judge, we do not ask for proof that they are struggling, we just let them come and shop for free.

If your organization would like to be the recipient of quality useable clothes and household items, please let us know and I’ll post here for our free swap hostesses.  What works best for most of us – since we already volunteer our time to organize and host – is for a representative from your organization(s) to pick up the remainders from our location(s) immediately after a swap.  Hostesses can have the items already boxed/bagged for you for easy pickup, or you can bring your own boxes/bags if you prefer.

If people from your organization would like to attend a swap for their personal swapping pleasure, and then take the remainders with them back to your group, that would be wonderful.  Before you send anyone from your group to a free swap, please have them read more about free swaps, how they work, rules, etc. here https://swappositive.wordpress.com/about/.

Thanks for letting me know if we can partner with you to help women, men, children, and families get things they need for themselves and their homes. Organization representatives can contact me at urbanfarmerpdx1 – at – yahoo.com.

Barb Hughes, founder and volunteer coordinator, Swap Positive


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