Slow Open With Outdoor Swap Requests

We’ve had requests from swappers wanting to start free swapping again. If your area has been approved to re-open for in-person socializing, you may want to consider the following to allow a safer start to free swapping.

If you decide to do an outdoor swap- such as in a parking lot, park, or large outside yard swap- I will post your details on the swap positive site if you send me the following information:

  1. swap host(s) name and email/phone contact information.
  2. category(ies) you will be swapping (such as women’s size medium, all size/all age, jewelry, etc).
  3. location address, day, and time of swap
  4. on day of swap, put down your items in piles 6 feet apart.  Then do a round robin where you move around the circle looking at each pile, and taking things that look interesting.
  5. promise that all swappers attending wear masks (yes even outside, since we will be closer to each other). And that instead of trying things on, you gather up what you like, and take it home to wash it before trying it on. You can always bring what doesn’t work for you back to the next swap.
  6. name of the non-profit you’ll donate your remainders to- and the name of the person who will take them to the location.
  7. Only swappers who are NOT ill agree to attend the swap.
  8. Only swappers comfortable taking the risk come to the swap.  Each swap host may require you to sign your name and contact information when you arrive at the swap,  in case someone at the swap turns up positive, you can be contacted.

If you decide to host a swap with the above protocol, please send me the details to and I’ll post it here and on our Swap Positive Google calendar!  Thanks swappers!

Barb Hughes

2 responses to “Slow Open With Outdoor Swap Requests

  1. I would be happy to host an outdoor swap in my yard for women’s XS-M. Jewelry and accessories welcome. I would also love to attend one that is hosted by someone else. I can do Sunday 6/21 afternoon. I live on 86th n Bybee. We could also do it a local park in SE.

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