Donate Clean, In Good Condition Clothing!

If you’ve been spending time at home cleaning out your closets, you can donate your freshly washed, in great condition clothes to help neighborhood families!  Kenton Church has offered to wash and deliver emergency clothing during this Covid-19 pandemic.  I emailed and asked if we free swappers could provide clothes to help. Here’s Zack from The All Size Family Clothing Swap at the Kenton Church with the details:

Hope this finds you well and staying healthy.
Thanks so much for thinking of us. We have already received a few emergency clothing requests that we are working now to fulfill as best we can.
As far as clothing donations go…at this time our core volunteer and all-around superstar Emma Taniguchi is processing and arranging donation logistics to help gift emergency clothing to people.
If you would like to DONATE emergency clothing please let us know what you have to donate through the request form through our website here. We ask that all clothes be in good ready-to-wear shape and thoroughly washed and clean before being donated.
Emma will store and quarantine new donations until we can safely get them into circulation.
Thanks again! We’ll look for any donation emails to come in from the form on our website. Please do not drop off clothes unless it has been pre-arranged through Emma.*
Zack Stack
* added information for clarity.

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