Volunteers Needed for the Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!

It’s time to volunteer for The 2019 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap! All volunteers assure themselves a place at the swap!  This is a fun holiday tradition for teens and adults to bring giftables they no longer want, and do their holiday shopping free! The date is Saturday December 14th, 2pm at the Evergreen Community Church gym in NE Portland 935 N.E. 33rd Avenue. Portland OR 97232. After we get our volunteers in place, I’ll post the Free Swap details and open up RSVP reservations to the general public on the Swap Positive site mid-November. Due to space constraints, and to keep the venue from being too crowded, all attendees need to be teens or adults (no children) and you must RSVP to the special email that will be created just for this event. If you volunteer, you assure yourself a space at this fabulous free frugal event!

If you’ve never been to a gift or stuff swap, here’s a video to show you how it’s done:

Here’s the volunteer opportunities, and how many people we need – please email what you’d like to volunteer for, and your contact information, to swappositive@gmail.com :

One person to take RSVP’s in advance.  You’ll want to create an RSVP-only email address so swap reply’s/RSVP’s don’t get mixed in with your regular email.  Swappers will email you with their name, # of people they are bringing, and their email address.  You organize alphabetically by their name. Their name on your list reserves their place at the swap!  We shoot to limit RSVP’s to 150 people due to venue size, but there are usually last minute cancellations so sometimes it’s best to overbook a bit before making a waiting list.  Arrive by 1pm on the day of the swap and bring 2 copies of the alphabetical RSVP list to the swap for check-in/greeter volunteers. (Christine Yun may be able to help advise you if you’d like cpypdx@gmail.com )

Two people who will greet and sign in swappers as they arrive.  Great job for cheerful kind people. Arrive at 1:00pm on day of swap to pick up clipboards.

4+ people who will bring boxes and bag/box up remainders after swap.  Great job for a family or service group, but also fun for individuals who like to take one last look at the goodies to see if anything strikes their fancy. Please bring extra boxes and bags to pack things (ask around – many stores will give you free packing boxes). Arrive any time between 1pm and 2pm so you have time to put out your own stuff. Start packing up around 2:45pm or whenever the crowd has thinned out, and stay until everything is packed up (est. 3:15pm).

4+ people who will help swappers put out their things.  Good job for friendly people who like to greet other people and help them put items in categories. If you see someone come in with a lot of stuff, ask them if they’d like help putting things out in rows, then help them. Arrive 1:15pm.

1-2 Person(s) with van(s) who will pick up and give away giftable remainders for free to a charity who gives away the items, not sells them (Basically, you get to be Santa). Bring a larger vehicle (like a van) and pick up boxes/bags on day of swap between 3:00pm and 3:15pm, then deliver them to spread the joy!

2-3 people to bring vacuum cleaner(s) and extension cord(s) to vacuum the venue after the swap. This is a carpeted gym, and the church is allowing us to use it for free.  We’ll have about 150 guests and all their stuff.  It shows respect that we clean up the place after we are through.  In the past, we’ve wandered around hand picking up lint and paper scraps (!) and so we realized it would go a LOT quicker and easier if we asked volunteers to bring vacuums and extension cords so they can each vacuum a side of the gym.  Estimate around 3:00pm – 3:15pm.

Chris will bring his sound system and be the emcee, doing the main talking and playing background music.  He also will be the bouncer if needed, and he will keep things upbeat and jolly.  Arrive 1pm.

Toby and Barb will bring the floor signs and put them down on the floor in rows with tape. Toby will help people put out their stuff if needed. Barb will post swap announcements on Swap Positive, and do the initial pre-planning.  Arrive 1pm.

Anna is the Swap host for this venue and will open the venue for volunteers at 1pm, close-up after the swap, and oversee the swap. Arrive 1pm or a little before. (Barb can be back-up for this as well).

Please email what you’d like to volunteer for and your contact information to swappositive@gmail.com  and I’ll add you to the list!  I’ll keep you updated, and let you know when all the volunteer positions have been filled.

Thanks Swappers!


Barb Hughes, Founder and volunteer coordinator, Swap Positive

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