Babies/Kids/Maternity Clothing Swap, Small Toys and Accessories Swap, Tigard, April 15th

Babies/Kids/Maternity Clothing Swap, Small Toys and Accessories Swap, 7:25pm (right after Women’s all size swap) at Collossae Church in Tigard.   No need to RSVP – just show up – there’s plenty of room for kind helpful people! Contact Barbara at  for more information. (takes place 3rd Monday January 2019, April 2019, September 2019. Handicapped accessible).

Gather the kids and baby clothing, accessories, and small toys that are in good condition that your kids have outgrown and you no longer use, wash them up, and bring them to the swap!  Also bring maternity clothes and accessories.  This is a big space with plenty of room for ADULTS AND TEENS ONLY – please leave children at home with a trusted sitter.

What:  Kids and Baby Clothing and Small Toy Swap …also Maternity Clothes and accessories!

When: MONDAY April 15th 2019  at 7:25pm -8pm

Where:  Colossae Church, 12244 SW Garden Place, Tigard.   NOTE: This swap location is only partially child proofed so please leave children at home.

Not only will you de-clutter your stuff, you’ll find ‘new’ things you can use and your kids will love!  It’s a great way to clean house, recycle, and practice sustainability…and it’s free!

There’s also a Women’s All Size Clothing Swap from  7pm – 7:25pm right before the kids swap.  Doors open at 6:30pm so you can sort your women’s and kids stuff, participate in the Women’s swap at 7, followed by the kids swap at 7:25pm.  All left overs will be given to several great organizations: we rotate between Caring Closet, NW Children’s Outreach and the Women’s Shelter downtown.

No need to RSVP – just show up with your stuff- there’s plenty of room for kind helpful adults and teens! (This venue is handicapped accessible, but please no children below teens!  Ladies – we do have to make one exception; if our hostess cannot come due to a child care conflict – then we are going to allow the hostess’ child(ren) to come – otherwise we won’t have a swap.)

Size Categories:

Maternity– all sizes

New baby – preemie-12mo

Older baby – 18mo-24mo

Toddlers – 2T-4T

Children – 5-7

Girls & Boy’s – 8-14+

Toys – small & medium only**

Accessories – see below for details**

**Accessories and toys can be lightly used and clean including socks, shoes, boots, hats, scarves, mittens, sunglasses, books, tapes, CD’s, videos, DVDs.

How the swap works: Clothing will be separated into size groups on the floor and marked with signs.   When you arrive place your clothes in matching size piles and wait around the outer perimeter of the room so that other swappers can place their clothing – it is important and fair to others that the swap starts at the same time for everyone and that there is no pre-swapping.  At about 7:25pm the swap host will let you know that the swap is about to begin.  At that time you will be instructed to stand in front of the clothing piles with sizes you are looking for.  When the swap host starts the swap, sort through the piles of clothing to find the items you need and put them in your bag – please remember to be generous and courteous as you are swapping clothes with your neighbors. While you swap keep track of your newly acquired items and hang on to personal belongings, if you let them out of your site they may be swapped!

What to Bring: Freshly washed, non-stained, clothing in good usable condition. There are no minimum requirements for how many items you have to bring or how many you can take but please be considerate and kind. Clothing, toys, and other items that do not get swapped will be donated to low income and high needs families in our community. Please bring only clothing and small accessories to this swap.

We try to do a kids clothing swap 3 times a year. Everything will always be posted on Swap Positive.

PASS IT ON: If you know someone who would be interested in attending a clothing swap please feel free to pass this email along.

  1.  We need YOUR help to keep this swap running smoothly.  Please help set up and/or clean up.  We have families too and sometimes the task of clearing our wonderful donations takes a bit of time.  Many hands make light work!
  2. We ask ladies who attend our swaps to help keep the swaps running smoothly.  That means to answer questions for newbies, remind people who may have forgotten the Free Swap Rules, and generally help to keep a great thing going so that everyone may enjoy our event.
  3. As much as we love children, we really have to ask that children who are walking not be at the swaps.  Babes in arms are okay.  If you have to bring a child with you, please bring an adult who can attend the child in one of the classrooms.  Ladies – we do have to make one exception; if our hostess cannot come due to a child care conflict – then we are going to allow the hostess’ child(ren) to come – otherwise we won’t have a swap.  We feel sure that you would rather have a swap than not!
  4. With the growth in attendance, this is a blessing – We are going to ask everyone to read and understand the “Rules for Swapping”- and agree to abide by them.  By attending, you agree to act according to the rules:

FREE SWAP RULES (in a nutshell):

By coming to Free Swaps, you agree to the following Free Swap Rules:

  1. Only bring clean items in good condition (in the correct sizes if applicable).
  2. Do not take anything before the swap coordinator says “go”.
  3. Be kind and generous to other swappers and the swap coordinators. Don’t take stuff you will not personally use or give as gifts.
  4. You agree that you WILL NOT SELL ANYTHING that you received at any Free Swap(s).
  5. Free Swaps are UNIQUE! If you attend Free Swaps you are agreeing to abide by the Free Swap Mission/goals. If you feel the above rules are unreasonable, do not attend.

–Your participation is your agreement to follow Free Swap rules.–

FREE SWAP RULES (more details)

  1. Free Swaps are UNIQUE!  Coordinators volunteer their time for free.  Venues donate their location for free.  Swappers bring clean items in good condition for free, and in return find `new’ items for themselves or to give as gifts.  Remainders are donated to organizations and individuals who will GIVE them away, not sell them.  No money changes hands.  Everyone gets to play with kind, generous, thrifty, sustainability-minded people.
  2. Bring only CLEAN items in good condition (no obvious rips, stains, no broken or missing zippers, no pant legs without the pants) in the sizes stated for that particular swap.  If it is a stuff or gift swap, bring only stuff/gifts and save the sized clothing for a clothing swap.  Please leave kids at home unless they are specifically invited, for the safety and enjoyment of all.
  3. Do NOT take anything before the swap coordinator says `go’.  We all start at the same time so everyone has the same opportunities.  If you see someone take something before the swap begins, please kindly remind them to put the item back until the swap begins.  If the thrill of the chase and all that wonderful free stuff brings you to a panic/greed mode  – slow down, take a deep breath, and know that there is plenty for everyone – including you!  And just like in a retail store, sometimes you’ll find a lot you like, sometimes a little.  Enjoy watching the thrill as everyone gets things they need, and come back next time to see what treasures are in store for you.
  4. Be kind to the swap coordinators -they are donating their time, energy, organizational skills, data/web skills, correspondence, and coordinating abilities for free.  By bringing an extra sack for remainders, or staying after for a few minutes to help clean up, you are showing your appreciation for the swap coordinator and helping to keep free swaps going.  If two people want the same item, the person with less gets the item. Free Swaps are kinda like a potluck – everyone brings something(s) and leaves full and happy.  If you find that you complain instead of being grateful, Free Swaps are not the place for you.
  5. By being here, you agree that you WILL NOT SELL ANYTHING that you received for free at any Free Swap(s).  If your goal is to sell things, there are plenty of other places to get them.  Free Swaps are NOT one of those places. To learn more about what Free Swaps ARE, click here.
  6. If you attend Free Swaps, you are agreeing to abide by the Free Swap Rules. No re-sellers, ebay sellers, etc, are invited to our swaps. Re-sellers, hoarders, and factious people will be asked to leave.  Free Swaps are for the fun, entertainment, enjoyment, and good Karma of people who understand and appreciate the giving spirit of  `free’:)  People who come to free swaps have found that as they have given freely of what they no longer need, they have received freely cool new stuff!  Plus, remainders are donated to organizations that will give them away for free, so everyone is a philanthropist!

The fine print: Because swap coordinators are volunteers donating their time and energy, they have every right to feel safe.  If any person makes them feel uncomfortable, threatens them, complains incessantly, refuses to follow the rules, or in any way causes the swap coordinator grief, she/he has the right to ban them from her/his swap.

If you have further questions, Contact Barbara at

Thanks for helping us keep a great thing going!!!

-Barbara and Cindy

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