New Swap Positive Facebook Page

Swap Positive now has a facebook page !  Elaine Brown, Swap coordinator for the Longview Women’s clothing swap, suggested the idea and volunteered to put it together using content from the Swap Positive website.  Feel free to check out the files at the right side of the page and give your feedback.

The idea is to use social media to introduce people world-wide to free swapping, and to educate the public on Us/We thinking where everyone gives, everyone receives, with no money changing hands. Participants have a chance to de-clutter, treasure hunt, help the environment, be philanthropists, and play all at the same time. Hosts donate their time for free, venues donate their space for free, nonprofits and caring individuals pick up the remainders and give them away not sell them, and swappers bring the goodies that make it all happen.

Thanks for being a part in the sharing economy, bringing your generosity and kindness.  I am so grateful to be a part of this group.

Barb Hughes, founder, Swap Positive

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