July 2016 Free Swaps

During the summer months several of the regular swap hostesses take a break, since free swaps are all run by volunteers just like you. If you want to step up to create a swap of items YOU like, in an area of town where you live, let me know and I’ll share your summer fun free on this site!  If you want to learn more about free swaps in general, here’s a great link.

Here’s an overview of the July 2016 free swaps we know about so far (about a week before each swap we post additional detailed information on this blog roll):

07/09/16 Women’s Size 6-12 Clothing Swap in NE Portland at the Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst (PCL church).  For what to expect see details here.  Usually second Saturday of the month.

07/15/16   Women’s Size Petite to Medium (approx 0-8)  Clothing Swap at People’s Food Co-op in SE Portland at 7pm.  Everyone who attends, please bring an extra bag for remainder donation.  Monthly on the third Friday.  If you’ve got other sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes.  If they are torn/ripped, please offer them on freecycle.org. If you would like to receive notifications via facebook, go to: http://www.facebook.com/groups/267181703349196/ and request to join the group

07/29/16 Women’s All Size Clothing and Stuff Swap in Happy Valley, 7pm at New Seasons market on Sunnyside in the yoga studio/conference room. The last Friday of the month.  You can bring not only clothes but shoes and accessories and any other goodies that you want to pass on (such as books, jewelry, lotions, makeup, pens, arts and crafts and etc). If you know of a good organization that can use the leftover clothes or if you can take it with you please let me know. To RSVP (reserve your spot) contact Tanya at  Happyswap@hotmail.com 

*JUST ADDED!!* 07/31/16  Size 10-14 Women’s Clothing Swap in SE Portland, 10:45am at the Jazzersize Fitness Center near 18th and SE Burnside.  Please e-mail Amy Alice at amyalice58@gmail.com to be put on the email list for her quarterly swaps.


2 responses to “July 2016 Free Swaps

  1. I have 2x plus size and need 1 x or women’s 18 sizes. Do many participate with plus sizes or need plus sizes ?

    • Pam, at this point in time no one has stepped forward to host an exclusive plus size swap. However, women’s all size swaps include a plus size area, as well as small, medium, large, and accessories areas, so women can find things in their size more easily. I just posted the August 2016 free swaps, and there are several all size and family swaps in August that you can check out. Or if you are you interested in starting a plus size swap in Vancouver I’d LOVE to post it on our Swap Positive site! Here’s our about swaps page, and it has links to how to start a free swap, organizations who will pick up remainders, and frequently asked questions. Let me know if you’d like to start a plus size free swap, or if you have any questions. https://swappositive.wordpress.com/about/

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