Volunteers needed for the 2016 Spring Stuff Swap

It’s time to start planning for the Spring Stuff Swap in NE Portland!  The day of the Spring Stuff Swap is Saturday April 9th.  Please consider volunteering -when we get all the volunteer positions filled we can start taking RSVP’s!  Plus, if you volunteer, you assure your place at the swap!


  1. One or two people to bring a vacuum cleaners and extension cords to vacuum the venue after the swap.
  2. 4-5+ people who will bring boxes and bag/box up remainders after swap.  (Thanks Diana, Doug, Shay, Angela!)  We still could use one or two more helpers if you want to help volunteer!


  1. (FILLED)Two people who will greet and sign in swappers as they arrive. (Thanks Amanda and Amy Alice!)
  2. (FILLED) One or two person(s) with van(s) who will pick up and deliver remainders for free after the swap to your favorite charity who will give away, not sell, these goodies.  Be the bearer of gifts and good cheer this spring!  (Thanks Sam from PSU’s re-use room, and back-ups Amanda and Shay!)
  3. (Nearly FILLED) 4-5+ people who will bring boxes and bag/box up remainders after swap.  (Thanks Diana, Doug, Shay, Angela!)
  4. (FILLED) 4-5 people who will help swappers put out their things before the swap.  (Thanks Angela, Don, Shay, Kaia and friend, and Jenny!)
  5. (FILLED) One person to take RSVP’s in advance.  You’ll want to create an RSVP-only email address so swap reply’s/RSVP’s don’t get mixed in with your regular email. (Thanks Christine!)
  6. Chris will bring his sound system and be the emcee, doing the main talking and playing background music.  He also will be the bouncer if needed, and he will keep things upbeat and jolly.
  1.  My son Toby and I will bring the floor signs and put them down on the floor in rows with tape. We’ll help people put out their stuff if needed. I’ll also post swap announcements on Swap Positive, and do the initial pre-planning.
  1. Anna is the Swap Coordinator for this swap and will open the venue for volunteers, close-up after the swap, and oversee the swap.

If you would like to volunteer to help clean up after the swap by bringing a vacuum and extension cord, please contact me at urbanfarmerpdx1@yahoo.com.  When we’ve got all the volunteer positions filled, I’ll announce details of the swap here at Swap Positive!  I’m already gathering up boxes of goodies to bring…

Barb Hughes


4 responses to “Volunteers needed for the 2016 Spring Stuff Swap

  1. allsizetualatin

    Doug and Diana already volunteered to pack up after the swap, but I don’t see us on “positions already filled”. We can also bring some boxes. Thanks!

    – Diana

    black box signature-white c10

    • Thanks Diana! I’d written this post a month ago and pre-dated it…and forgot to update it before it posted automatically! An interesting case of being too prepared…. But I’ve corrected the post. Thanks for bringing boxes! I think Shay or Angela also said they could bring some boxes, but we can check with them and if we need more I can ask swappers to bring some for you as well.

  2. Amanda Perl amanda.perl@cortland.edu

    Hi Barb,

    I emailed you a while ago about being a check-in person and you said you put me down for it, and there was another email from Diana about picking up leftovers.



    • Yes, Amanda, I have you down for being a check-in person. I’ll be sending out the completed volunteers list in the next day or so – I think I got every slot filled now, except maybe a second vacuum volunteer at the end…Oh and possibly another person or two to help pack up at the end (Diana got back to me saying Shae and Tia wouldn’t be available)

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