Want to help recycle gross fabric/clothing?

Here’s a great idea sent in from swapper Viviane.  If you’d like to volunteer to take her idea into the swap of your choice, let me know so I can note publicly which swaps have this service available.

It not noted otherwise, all swaps are still on the “only bring clean clothing, in good condition (no rips, broken zippers, massive pit stains etc.) because we don’t have a way of disposing of them, and our non-profits who pick up donate directly to those in need.”

But, back to Viviane’s great idea…..

“I had an idea.  Most people, when they sort out clothes to give away, end up finding old clothes that aren’t suitable to donate.  Tears, stains, things like undies and bathing suits that shouldn’t be shared.  I recently found out that there are textile recyclers who will happily take old clothes.  In fact, I’ve heard of schools collecting fabric as a fundraiser because companies will pay a nominal amount for it.  I also found out that Portland has many drop spots for old clothes, including the clothing donation bins at any Whole Foods.

Now, if I could make it to the swaps, I would totally volunteer to do this, but I unfortunately work on Saturdays.  But I thought it would be nice if there were a bin/bag/pile at swaps where people could chuck clothing that isn’t suitable to give away.  It might also come in handy when people clean up at the end, since stained or torn clothing sometimes ends up in the swap.  I once brought an old shirt that I didn’t realize was badly pit stained (it was folded up) until I saw someone hold it up and say “Ew.”  Mortifying!
I usually go to the small/medium swap in NE.  It would be really easy to drive straight to the Hollywood Whole Foods afterwards with any old clothes.  All you need is a designated bag and a volunteer who has an extra 5 minutes after the swap.
So that’s my idea.  It doesn’t at all relate to the sharing economy that the swaps are all about, but it would help keep a lot of clothes, towels, sheets, etc out of the landfill, and I think the swaps would make a great collection point for that.
Happy swapping!

2 responses to “Want to help recycle gross fabric/clothing?

  1. So does Whole Foods collect damaged textiles? I have holey socks, shirts and fabric scraps from sewing that I have trouble throwing into the garbage.

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