Gift and Toy Swap a Success

The above video is from the 2015 December Gift and Toy Swap today at the PCL Church in Portland Oregon. This is one of my favorite holiday activities. With 21 volunteers and happiness and community, it felt like one big party. About 160 people RSVP’d. Music, merry making, laughter, friendships made and renewed, recycling, and free frugal fun ensued. Alicia from Resourceful PDX was there to interview some of the swappers and take photos.  The remainders were taken by ‘volunteer santa’ JoAnn, and will be donated to Portland State’s Resource Center for Students with Children and the ReUse Room so more families can enjoy holiday cheer. Thanks to the volunteers and swappers who attended for such a fun and enjoyable event!

If you’d like to see a free swap in action, here’s a video about a stuff/gift swap, and here’s a video about a women’s clothing swap.

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