Swap Volunteer(s) Needed for Craft Swap

A big appreciation Thank You to Volunteer Megan McCoy, the Craft Supplies Swap coordinator and hostess for these past few years! Megan is ready to pass along the swap organization and hosting to new volunteer(s).  The position is now open – if you are interested in taking over hosting the Craft Supplies Swap, please contact Megan at paganmegan@gmail.com  for more information.  I believe Megan took care of all the details herself, but if you take over this position, you can choose to create a team of three volunteers – one to greet/host at the event, one to book the venue, and one to find an organization or individual who will take the remainders and give them away.  In addition to talking with Megan about how shes organized her swap, here’s some other tips on how to organize a free swap https://swappositive.wordpress.com/about/start-a-free-swap/


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