Women’s All Size Clothing and Accessories Swap, Tualatin, November 3rd

The next west side” All Size Clothing Swap ” is Tuesday, November 3rd!

This clothing swap is for women (& girl teens) — all sizes! We’ll have the
following categories: size 1-5, size 6-10, size 11-16, plus sizes,
maternity, shoes & accessories. (You can bring clothes in any size and
“shop” in another size.)

Note:  If you can take donations after the swap, to a charity that doesn’t
sell the items, please contact me.  Thank you!!

Time:  start time is 7pm, so arrive at 6:50pm to put clothing out

Where: Tualatin Heritage Center — 8700 SW Sweek Dr., Tualatin, OR 97062
(directions below)

What to bring:

1. CLEAN clothes, shoes & accessories you no longer use, want or wear.

2. A bag to carry your FREE treasures home.

3. A full length mirror if you have one.


If you’ve never been to a clothing swap before, here’s how it works:

* First of all, it’s FREE.

* We’ll start on the hour, at 7pm, so please be here before that so we can
all start at the same time.

* There won’t be dressing rooms, so feel free to wear bike shorts & a sports
bra, yoga or some kind of clothes under your street clothes, so you’ll feel
comfortable trying things on.

* Bring CLEAN clothes, as well as shoes, accessories, and other wearables
you don’t want, use, or wear anymore. We’ll have 5 size areas, as well as a
separate pile for shoes & accessories (like: purses, belts, jewelry, etc.)
those of us with allergies — Thanks!

* On the hour we’ll look through the clothes in the area of your size.

*  Set aside the things that interest you & try them on. (Please bring a
full length mirror if you have one). What fits, you put in the sack that you
brought, what you don’t want goes back into the big pile.

(We don’t worry about how many you came with, and how many you leave with.
People tend to be very courteous and not take much more than they came with

Note:  We are sorry, but children will not be able to go to the swap.  If
you have to have your child with you, they must be with you at all times.
Thank you!

RSVP to Diana & let me know your size category. We will have a limited
number of space, so let me know if you can be there, and I’ll save a spot
for you. Also, feel free to tell a friend who might be interested, but be
sure to RSVP!    (Note: I don’t always reply to rsvp’s,
so if you don’t hear from me, I’ll add you to the list and just see you
there. Thanks!)

Directions: From I-5, take exit 289, go West on Tualatin-Sherwood Rd.
Turn Right on SW Boones Ferry Rd. (you’ll see McDonalds on your left).
Follow the road past Tualatin park, curving around the corner, over the R/R
tracks. Turn left at the light. You’ll see the police station on your left &
the Heritage Center right next to it. You can use the Police station parking
lot, as overflow.

So, go clean out those closets, and we’ll see you there!

503.888.4194 call or text


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