Volunteers needed for December Holiday Gift and Toy Swap

It’s time to start planning the Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!  This year it will be on Saturday December 12th, and we’re looking for the following volunteers so it runs smoothly.  Please let me know if you are available and what you would like to do.  If you volunteer, you are guaranteed a spot at the swap:)  Adult and teen guests only – no children unless you are a volunteer AND your children are well supervised by another family member and are not disruptive to other adults/teens at the swap.

Here’s our volunteer list for the 2015 Holiday Gift and Toy Swap on December 12th:


  1. Two people who will greet and sign in swappers as they arrive.  Arrive between 1:00pm and 1:15pm on day of swap to pick up clipboards.
  1. Person with van who will pick up and give away remainders for free.  Bring a van and pick up boxes/bags on day of swap between 3:00pm and 3:15pm. Jenni Seven has already volunteered – she will fill her minivan and take remainders to Portland State’s Resource room. Needed: one additional person with van to pick up and deliver any overflow that won’t fit in Jenni’s minivan.  You and Jenni can play Santa together!
  1. 4-5+ people who will bring boxes and bag/box up remainders after swap.  Arrive any time between 1pm and 2pm so you have time to put out your own stuff.  Start packing up around 2:45pm or whenever the crowd has thinned out, and stay until everything is packed up (est. 3:15pm).
  1.  4-5 people who will help swappers put out their things.  If you see someone come in with a lot of stuff, ask them if they’d like help putting things out in rows, then help them. Arrive 1:15pm.
  1. One person to take RSVP’s in advance.  You’ll want to create an RSVP-only email address so swap reply’s/RSVP’s don’t get mixed in with your regular email.  Barb Hughes will post your email for swappers to contact in November.   Swappers will email you with their name, # of people they are bringing, and their email address.  You organize alphabetically by their name/email/# of people. Their name on your list reserves their place at the swap!  We need to limit RSVP’s to 150 people due to venue size, but you can create a waiting list and contact those in the list if there are cancellations.  Bring 2 copies of the alphabetical RSVP list to the swap for check-in/greeter volunteers.
  2. One person to bring a vacuum cleaner and extension cord and vacuum the venue after the swap. Estimate around 3:00pm – 3:15pm.


  1. Chris will bring his sound system and be the emcee, doing the main talking and playing background music.  He also will be the bouncer if needed, and he will keep things upbeat and jolly.  Arrive 1pm.
  1.  My son Toby and I will bring the floor signs and put them down on the floor in rows with tape. We’ll help people put out their stuff if needed. I’ll also post swap announcements on Swap Positive, and do the initial pre-planning.  Arrive 1pm.
  1. Anna is the Swap Coordinator for this swap and will open the venue for volunteers at 1pm, close-up after the swap, and oversee the swap.  Arrive 1pm or a little before.

Your participation is what makes everything run smooth and fun for everyone – plus as a volunteer, you can assure your place at the swap!  Thanks again for making the annual Free Holiday Gift and Toy Swap a success!  I’ve already got FOUR boxes of goodies started…

Barb Hughes, volunteer swap coordinator, founder Swap Positive

11 responses to “Volunteers needed for December Holiday Gift and Toy Swap

  1. Thank you, swappers – we have all the volunteers we need! We’ll be posting information about how to reserve your space at the Holiday Gift and Toy Swap AFTER Saturday November 14th, 2015. Start looking through your house, garage, and storage, and wash up giftable items in great condition in preparation of this holiday cleaning and re-gifting festivity!

  2. Barbara Hemingway

    Hi Barb,

    I am willing to volunteer. I can check names at the door, help people put out their stuff, or clean up afterwards. Place me where ever I am needed.

    Barbara Hemingway

  3. I want to volunteer with greeting and signing people in!

  4. Jade Bouthillier

    I would love to volunteer! If the position is still available I would be able to greet/sign people in as they arrive.

  5. I will do the RSVPs! 🙂

    • Thank you for offering, Joy! But volunteer Christine has already filled the position of taking RSVP’s. Is there another fun thing you would like to volunteer for? We could still use someone to sign people in at the front door, we could still use some people to bring boxes/bags and bag up at the end, and we could still use a few more people to come early and help people set out their things. Do any of those look like fun to you?

  6. JoAnn Sayer-571-215-7434

    I will volunteer to pick up and give away remainders for free.

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