Swap Positive looking for Tech Support

Swap Positive is in need of a knowledgeable tech guru. We need someone who benefits from swaps and understands how our group works – a volunteer, savvy in WordPress, proficient in writing code, and knowledgeable in social media. Swap Positive’s tech guru would solve website problems and update the site so it’s easier to use for everyone. If you have social media and WordPress savvy skills, I’d love to have you over to my house so we can figure out how to:

  1. Create a working calendar on the site to show future swaps
  2. Show a thumbnail of the See Free Swaps In Action! Swap video (instead of the current broken-link-looking icon)
  3. Get your input on other updates/upgrades to make the free site more user friendly

If you can help, please contact me at urbanfarmerpdx1@yahoo.com

Thanks so much for being a part of the free frugal fun!

Barb Hughes


3 responses to “Swap Positive looking for Tech Support

  1. Thanks to Megan Robertson, from my neighborhood facebook group Buy Nothing Network, who volunteered to help me figure out a few things on the Swap Positive website! You will notice that there is now a photo of a gift swap under the title “See Free Swaps In Action”. When you click on the photo, it goes to a youtube video about free swaps!

    You’ll also notice that there is now a calendar on the Swap Positive site underneath the Categories listing. If you click on the button near the bottom of the calendar that says “Google Calendar”, it opens up so you can see short information about upcoming swaps a few months in advance!!!! I’m so excited about this, because I’ve had several new swappers say that want to plan ahead, and I hope this calendar makes that a little easier for everyone.

    Thank you so much for being a part of the free frugal fun, and for volunteering your time and expertise to bring joy, play, and recycling fun to the world. And of course, coming to free swaps and bringing treasures in good shape that you no longer need/use/love. Without YOU, free swaps wouldn’t happen. 🙂

  2. I know on se rooster site someone was offering free tech-support.

    Denise. 🙂 denisemaroney@comcast.net Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Denice – Are you a member of the SE rooster site? I believe only members have access to each area’s rooster site. If you wanted to PM the person and forward my message above, that would be wonderful.

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