Sharing services, ideas, tangible items in your neighborhood

Some swappers I’ve talked to in person have wished for a way to incorporate free swap/sharing in a way to help beyond swapping of things.

I posted about Rooster, one of two new sharing economy/pay-it-forward online ideas that have recently come to Portland.

Now I’d like to share The Buy Nothing Network, a facebook group where you share ideas, services, and help your neighbors, as well as giving/receiving things.  You connect online to ask for/offer things and services (example: asking for help changing a tire, or thanking people for the help they have offered).  I’m part of the Inner Northeast facebook group, and everything is free.  It’s easy because you just ask the moderator if you can join your area’s facebook group and they approve you. I’ve been part of this group for several months now, giving and receiving things, as well as help (an electrician removed our basement track lighting, which I then brought to the Spring Stuff Swap!).

I like the idea of supporting those who support the sharing economy, so I wanted to share these two new online community ideas with the Swap Positive community. Feel free to check them out if you are interested.

Barb Hughes

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