We’ve got our 2015 Stuff Swap Volunteers

Thanks to the following people, we’ve got our stuff swap volunteers for the 2015 Spring Stuff Swap at the PCL church in NE Portland (swap details to follow soon!):

Pick up and deliver remainders (Santas):  Angela, Megan, Shay

Greet and sign in swappers:  Amanda, Edith (backup Alana)

Box up remainders after swap (Boxing Team): Ann, Veronica, Christine, Megan, Shay

Help swappers put out their things:  Kaia, Shar, Alana, Shay, Effie, Toby

Mediator/communications* (should we ever have swappers who want the same item and need help with our Swap Positive protocol :  “if 2 or more people want the same item, the person who has the least amount gets the item”  and/or “if one person has no teapot, and the other person has a teapot collection, the person with no teapot gets the teapot”.)  *This is a new position.  We may never need to use it, but it’s here if we need it 🙂  Amy Alice

Emcee:  Chris

Set out floor signs:  Barb and Toby

Initial planning, posting on site: Barb

Swap Hostess for this site, Open/close venue:  Anna

RSVP’s:  Anna

Thank you to these women, men, and teens – the swap couldn’t happen without you!  I’ll be posting Spring Stuff Swap details soon.




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