Tigard All-size swap update for February 16th – YES it’s ON :)

YES, the dress-up and treasure hunting is still on!  Barbara and Cindy of the Tigard all Size Clothing Swap will still have the monthly swap this Monday February 16th , 7pm at the Colossae Church venue  12244 SW Garden Place, Tigard, OR even though it’s President’s Day. We will NOT have a swap in March so please come in February if possible and then we’ll meet again in April!

Both Cindy & I are in busy stages of life, and with more swaps now on the west side…we are considering opting to go every other month and then 4 times a year starting in the fall.  We’ll keep you updated here on Swap Positive.

But for now,  wanted to give our swappers a heads-up that we’re taking March off. So many women are used to every third Monday that I’m hoping they’ll see the announcement, or come this Monday when I verbally announce it.

Thank you!

Barbara and Cindy, Volunteer hostesses for the Tigard All-Size women’s clothing swap at the Colossae Church.



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