Women’s & Teens small/medium clothing swap also features books & media, kitchen items, and a guys pile! Camas, December 6th

Happy Holidays!  This swap will not only feature the usual Women’s and Teens Size small/medium clothing and accessories, but you can also bring books and other media, kitchen items, stuff, and guys items as well! 

Swap hostess Dorothy says she’s trying to make this swap big, so leftovers will be abundant and she can bring in a nice haul to the homeless shelter. So you can have fun, AND make a positive difference this Saturday.

Swap takes place at 6pm, Saturday December 6th 2014, at the Rushing Water Yoga Studio in Downtown Camas WA.  (360) 834-5994
417 NE Birch Street, Camas, Washington 98607.   This is a small/medium swap, so please pre-sort your clothes so they can be separated into piles, 0-5 and 6-12.

Please RSVP to Dorothy at  clarkcountyclothingswap@gmail.com


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