Volunteers Needed for December Gift and Toy Swap

UPDATE: WE’VE GOT ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS!  THANK YOU!  It’s time to start planning the 2014 December Gift and Toy Swap!  This year it will be Saturday December 13th, 2pm, at the Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst in NE Portland.  By volunteering, you assure yourself a place at this very popular swap!

Here’s the volunteers we still need – please let me know if you’d like to fill one of these positions.


  1. Van to pick up and deliver remainders. Bring your van and pick up boxes/bags on day of swap between 3:00pm and 3:15pm. Angela has volunteered to be van #1 and will pick up and give away remainders for free. We need one additional volunteer with a van or larger car willing to pick up and deliver remainders, in case there is more than one van of stuff remaining… you can choose the lucky remainder recipients, OR you can load up your van and play Santa with Angela since she has places to take these goodies:)
  2. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!  WE’VE GOT THE BAGGERS/BOXERS JOB COVERED! 2+ people who will bring some boxes/bags, and bag/box up remainders after swap.  We’ve got 4 people signed up, but it’s always good to have a few more.  You can get free boxes from many grocery stores.  Arrive any time between 1pm and 1:45pm so you have time to put out your own stuff.  Start packing up around 2:45pm or whenever the crowd has thinned out, and stay until everything is packed up (est 3:15pm).

Let me know which position you are volunteering for, but DO NOT RSVP HERE.  For the Holiday Gift and Toy Swap we have a separate RSVP email we give out with instructions some time after November 8th.  Check back on the Swap Positive site at that time for more information.  🙂

Never been to a Holiday Gift and Toy Swap?  Here’s a video my (then 16 year old) daughter made.  Here’s photos from a past gift swap.  Start scouring your house, garage, and storage for giftable items to bring (here’s information from a PAST gift swap on what to bring) – Kind men, women, and teens are invited!  Check Swap Positive on/after November 8th 2014 to learn more and reserve your space!


9 responses to “Volunteers Needed for December Gift and Toy Swap

  1. Hello Barb, I am trying to sign up for the Gift Swap. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thank you Gael Schuler

  2. I really have some great things to donate to this swap. Please tell me how to sign up Hail Gael Mail


  3. How do I sign up for the Holiday Swap? Thank you, Gael


  4. allsizetualatin

    My husband and I can help pack up at the end if you still have a spot or two open. I’ll see if I can scrounge up some boxes and bags. J

    – Diana

    black box signature


  5. Veronika Azurdia Maza

    I will volunteer to bring bags/boxes for remainders & stay to cleanup!Thanks!Sent from Yahoo Ma

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