Update: Free Swappers Help Street Store!

Here’s an update from Kelsey Painter on the Swap Remainders she gathered for the Portland Free Street Store.  What a positive difference you make every time you bring your used items to a free swap – a positive difference for your own wardrobe, having free frugal fun with friends, and sharing so others can have fun, too.  Thanks for your willingness to play.

Barb Hughes

 – – – – –

Good morning!

Firstly, I wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to you for all of your support, kindness, hard work, and follow through with the Street Store. It was a whirlwind of a day, but with so much help it went by supremely smoothly!  Your donations made this possible.

With 3 car fulls of clothing – including 10 large and full IKEA bags, 20 large black bags, about 100 hangers, and 12 volunteers, we served over 250+ guests alongside Potluck in the Park who served hot meals to a whopping total of 760 guests yesterday. This. is. huge.

I wanted to share one story from the day that stood out to me as particularly incredible. About halfway through the event, I noticed a woman talking to Renita and Carlie about her new job and that she needed nice, fitting clothes as work attire but  she wasn’t getting paid for another 2 weeks. She also only had a few minutes because she was on her break at work – luckily Renita and Carlie found her some beautiful blazers, nice sweaters, and a matching pants suit in her size (!!!!!!). She was almost in tears out of gratitude as she went back to work and we were almost in tears out of the entire situation.

Here are some pictures that I took at the event. I think we embodied the true spirit of “Make A Difference Day”. Thank you again for your donations and for making this possible.

Photo Oct 26, 1 42 35 PMPhoto Oct 26, 2 35 43 PMPhoto Oct 26, 2 35 09 PM


Kelsey Painter

AmeriCorps Academic Engagement Coordinator

Sabin SUN Community School



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