Kids Clothing Swap looking for host/ess!

Kids grow out of clothes so fast!  Hosting a Kids Free Swap gives you regular opportunities to get together with like-minded people to swap out kids clothes, clear out your closets of stuff your kids have outgrown, get new to you clothes and toys they can use for FREE, help keep usable items out of landfills, and the remainders are passed along so other local kids/families can enjoy free goodies as well!

Nicole Willis, volunteer hostess of the Kids Clothes and Small Toys (infant through teen) swap at the Midland Library in SE Portland, is looking to pass this volunteer position on to another interested swapper(s).  Nicole can give you her library contact person, so your free swap space is already figured out!  She has organizations to take the remainders and give them away for free – she donated the k-2nd grade clothing to her own child’s school clothing closet, and donated the rest to Snow Cap.  You are welcome to use her already established resources or pick your own favorite(s).

If you’d like to help keep this kids swap active, please contact Nicole at .  Also check the About Swaps page  and the How to Start a Free Swap page  These links will answer frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about swaps, explain how to make a free swap run smoothly, and hopefully calm any fears you may have about hosting.

Let me know what you figure out so I can post your details on Swap Positive for free!


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