Venue needed for NEW Plus Size Swap!

UPDATE 12/14  Tracy’s schedule is crazy busy, so she has put her hosting idea on hold.  If YOU would like to start a plus size swap, please let me know!  There are many ladies that have mentioned they would attend a plus size swap, but we’re waiting for some fun-loving lady(ies) to step forward and make it a reality.

Tracy is looking to help start a Plus Size women’s clothing swap!  She is looking for a venue that will allow her swaps for free (ie won’t charge her to use the space),  in a location that is close-in Portland (NE, SE, NW).  She is looking for a space or room that can hold at least 30 people, is window-free for privacy, and has an open floor plan so clothes and accessories can be laid out in piles/rows (either on tables already in place, or on a clean floor space).

If you own or work at a business that has a space to donate, please contact Tracy at   If your church, community center, etc. wants to put a toe in the free frugal fun action (as well as reach out to the community!) please contact Tracy.  

If you are involved in an organization that would be interested in the remainders from a plus size swap, and your organization will GIVE away the remainders, not sell them (pass along the free frugal fun to other women and teens!) please let Tracy know.

She wants to keep this EASY so if you want to contact her to say how you can help that would be great!  We’ve had many women through the years wishing for a plus size swap so they don’t have to wade through all-size swaps to get to “the GOOD stuff”!  This swap is still in the planning stages, but if a free venue is found, an organization to pick up remainders is arranged, then our first PLUS SIZE FREE SWAP will be a reality!

4 responses to “Venue needed for NEW Plus Size Swap!

  1. I am in Vancouver but very interested in participating.

    • Pam, are you interested in starting a plus size swap in Vancouver? If so I’d LOVE to post it on our Swap Positive site! Here’s our about swaps page, and it has links to how to start a free swap, organizations who will pick up remainders, and frequently asked questions. Let me know if you’d like to start a plus size free swap, or if you have any questions.

  2. I am in SW Portland and our church has a large window free gym. I would truly love to host this!!!

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