Volunteer Needed to deliver remainders from NE PDX Swap Saturday June 14th

UPDATE 8:15PM 06/13/14  A helper has been found!  THANKS for stepping up to the plate!  See you at tomorrows swap 🙂

Hi Ladies attending the PCL swap Saturday June 14th

Just got a last minute email from Emily, the volunteer in charge of the remainders from the PCL swap.   If you plan on attending the size 6-12 swap at the Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst June 14th at 2pm, please contact her ASAP if you are available to help with remainders!   Thank you for helping your free swap run smoothly.  The following is Emily’s request:

I’m checking in with you to find out if you might be able to send a call out for volunteers to transport clothing remainders to my house after the swap on Saturday.

Jackee and Oliver’s son is graduating this weekend, and she/PTA clothing closet won’t be able to pick up clothing on Saturday afternoon.  I’ve been contacting the organizations listed on the swappositive website to try to find one who would be able to get the clothing.  I’ve been able to leave messages with the appropriate people, but haven’t heard back from anyone yet.

I would normally be happy to take the remainders to a donation point, but I’ll be in Washington tomorrow.  In case I don’t hear back from any of the organizations I’ve contacted, I’m hoping to find someone who can bag and transport leftovers to my house (or take them directly to a donation point, if that’s a possibility).

I’m not sure if you’ll get this, but I wanted to reach out just in case – if there’s anyone who already plans to go tomorrow and might be able to help with this, I would greatly appreciate it!  If you do see this and send out an email, it would be best if potential volunteers contact me by phone – my cell # is 503-784-4280.

Thanks in advance for any information or assistance you can provide! 

Emily Brown, Swap Remainder Volunteer for the PCL Venue


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