Gather your goodies for the Spring Stuff Swap NE Portland April 12th

The Spring Stuff Swap is full due to venue space constraints. However, Anna has started a wait list, so if you want to email her to get on the wait list, if someone cancels she can slip you in!  (And if you find that you or one of your guests can’t make it to the swap, please notify Anna as soon as possible so she can offer your space to the next in line).  We are all volunteers and do this for fun.  Since we don’t get paid, we ask that NO money changes hands.  If you get it for free, then you give it away for free (no re-selling anything you get for free at a Free Swap.)  If you want to know more about why free swaps are unique, look here.   Also, here are the free swap rules, and a video that shows a free swap in action.

If you’ve been notified by Anna that you’re already on the RSVP list, this Saturday April 12th is the Spring Stuff Swap in NE Portland!  Stuff and Gift swaps happen twice a year at this location – once in April, once in December.  This is a reminder to take one more search around your house for items to bring this Saturday.   It’s free frugal fun, home de-cluttering, being a philanthropist (all swap remainders are given away to people in need, not sold), and visiting with like-minded people…talk about multi-tasking!

Kind and courteous women, men, and teens are invited.  We are expecting 150 people, so leave babies, toddlers and grade school children safely at homewith a sitter.  We want everyone to have fun.

When: Saturday April 12th, 2pm (arrive between 1:30 and 1:50 to get a parking spot, and to set your stuff out before the swap begins.)

Where: Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst  (in the gym) 935 N.E. 33rd Avenue.  Portland OR 97232    503-232-9129

Directions: two blocks south of Sandy Blvd on 33rd, at Pacific Street, in a small modern red brick building. There is a parking lot behind the church.  Enter through the gym, which is across from the small playground.  If the parking lot is full, you can park on the street.  Car-pooling is encouraged.  Due to space constraints, you must be on the RSVP list to be admitted and agree to our swap rules.  Since all items will be placed on the floor and our venue has carpet, all items need to be free of dirt, grease, spider webs, etc.  Since we are volunteers and don’t have money to pay for a dumpster, all items must be something others would want – no junk.

 Search your house, garage, and storage for all the useable items you don’t need/want/love anymore. Nothing too big to fit in the backseat of a car, and nothing that can’t be machine washed at home (ie no mattresses, large furniture, couch pillows etc.)  Please, no poisons, paints or hazardous materials.  Remainders will be donated to volunteers who will give them to families in our community – so your usable items keep on giving!*  With 150 people, please DON’T bring clothes or shoes or we won’t have room for anything else! Save the clothes and shoes for a clothing swap.  Back to what to bring to our Spring Stuff Swap:

1. TOYS AND GAMES: Outgrown but still in great shape new and lightly used dolls, stuffed animals, gag gifts, toys, board games, puzzles, etc. with all the pieces still intact.

2. MOVIES, BOOKS, CD’S DVD’S: Books in good condition that you are finished reading, music on CD, DVD and video movies that are still in great working order. Computer games can go in the techie area.

3. CRAFTS, FABRIC, ACCESSORIES: Scrap-booking, beading, knitting, sewing patterns and clean fabric, the gift towels that were the wrong color for your décor, clothing accessories that are one-size-fits-most such as scarves, gloves, purses, bags, and hats. Please save sized clothes and shoes for a clothing swap or we won’t have room for anything else!

4. HOLIDAY AND HOUSEHOLD: Living/dining/kitchen items such as lamps, blender, dishes, potholders, coasters, fondue set, seasonal decorations.  Giftable food if it is unopened and unexpired. Is it in good working order and not junk? – then bring it.

5. TOOLS, TECHNOLOGY, GARDEN, PETS: Clean ratchet set, clean sports equipment, clean bicycles/tricycles in great shape, computers, cameras, office supplies, gaming systems, computer games, clean garden pots and tools, viable seeds, clean pet dishes and toys.

6. BREAKABLES AND COLLECTIBLES: jewelry, antiques, fancy glassware, collectibles, candy dishes, that collectible lego pirate ship or doll, artwork, perfume used once, lotion used once (ie still looks new – isn’t half full and doesn’t have gunk running down the side of the bottle).

7.  MISC. OTHER STUFF:  This is a row for things you just don’t know where to put.  It’s also for overflow, so if other rows fill up you can put your stuff here.

Bring anything that would be considered giftable/giveable.  It doesn’t have to be *brand new* (Unless it’s a packaged food item – no one wants to get a half-eaten jar of jam), but before you bring it make sure it has all the pieces, is clean, and is in working order. This isn’t the place to bring cracked pots and books with half the pages missing – put those on  Since the gym is carpeted and we don’t have a vacuum, that means no grease, dirt, or anything that would be difficult to clean up (no packing peanuts or tiny foam balls either!)  If you’re bringing outdoor toys like bikes or ride-on toys, make sure they have no dirt/spiderwebs/mud.   If you’re bringing garden items or power tools, make sure they are cleaned  (and if they are a tool that has lubrication, make sure it’s in a plastic bag or a plastic-lined box when you lay it out.)

In the past we’ve had such interesting items as a telescope, musical instruments, collectible dolls, and more.  You just never know what will be at a Stuff and Gift swap!  Make sure to bring good stuff…and then you’ll be able to take home good stuff!  (If there is an item(s) that a LOT of people want, we’ll play a game before the swap and let everyone interested have a chance to win.)  Come with kindness and curiosity, and be prepared to play.

See you Saturday April 12th!

*  I just heard from Danielle and Leah, the volunteers who are finding homes for the swap remainders.  The remainders will help women formerly in prostitution to re-establish their lives, as well as formerly homeless people and families to start fresh.  Just know that YOU are making a positive difference sharing things you no longer need/use/love, allowing others to have some fun as they start their lives fresh this spring!



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