Volunteers needed for the Spring Stuff Swap

Hi swappers!  I’m in the planning stages for the April Spring Stuff Swap in NE Portland.  I’ve still got a few volunteer positions available, so if any of these positions sounds like fun to you, please let me know and we’ll get you on the list pronto.  (Volunteers are assured a space at the swap, which fills up fast!)

1. Individual(s) willing to play Spring Santa.  If you know of a group or organization that will give away items for FREE (not sell them), and YOU would be willing to deliver several boxes of goodies to them after April’s swap, this is the job for you.  I’ve already got one volunteer excited about doing this – Danielle Newman, who delivered our Holiday Gift and Toy Swap remainders.  The Spring Stuff Swap usually has 1-2 minivan loads of remainders, including household supplies, books, fabric and holiday items, toys, tools and garden, crafts, etc.  So if you know a special place you’d like to deliver to (a women’s shelter, sheltered workshop, free community clothing closet, a group of young people just starting out that need free housewares, school libraries that want free books, a free table in front of your house for your neighbors/community, a starter pile for your OWN free stuff swap) please let me know what organizations you’ll donate to and I’ll add you to our volunteer list. You’ll get the email addresses of the Santa team members so you can work out details on who delivers what.

2.  Volunteers to bring boxes and help bag up remainders after the swap.  Currently we have a few people volunteering for this but it’s nice to have a few more.  This is fun because sometimes you find the best stuff at the end of the swap, so you’ll get last chance dibs as you’re putting stuff in boxes/bags.  Part of this job is YOU supply boxes/bags, so grab some free boxes from a grocery store in advance.  You’ll get the email addresses of the boxing team so you can work out details on who brings what.  (And how cool is it to say you’re on a boxing team?)

We’ve already got volunteers for greeting/sign in, taking RSVP’s, helping people put things out before the swap, emcee/DJ (yes, there is background music at this event), putting out the floor signs and outdoor signs, and the people mentioned above.  If you’d like to volunteer, please contact me below in the comments section or at urbanfarmerpdx1@yahoo.com.

Start going through your attic, garage, storage, closets, drawers, even the knick -knacks in plain site that you realize just don’t turn your crank anymore.  Clean them up, put them in boxes/bags, and get your stash started for re-gifting at the Spring Stuff Swap in April!  Details and the RSVP information will be on this site after March 8th.


One response to “Volunteers needed for the Spring Stuff Swap

  1. Hi Barb, Depending on the event date in April, I can happily volunteer in whatever capacity is most needed. I know I’ll be away for some of April; therefore, I cannot commit until I know what the date will be. Best regards, Leah

    Leah Blackburn 503.320.9563


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