Swap Success Story!

The Countryside Community Church in Sherwood Oregon held their first free swap back in 2012. Jocelyn said if enough people came, they may do swaps regularly.  One and a half years later-and now a family swap that includes men as well-this is what Jocelyn had to say about her most recent swap on February 22nd 2014:

Hi Barb,

It (the family swap) went great!  I think we had close to 200 people this time.  It continues to grow each time we do it.  We’re taking the left over clothing to three local charities tomorrow through our women’s bible study, so the blessings will continue. Thanks again for the idea and promotion from your site.  

It’s been a blessing for us and our community,


Thank YOU Jocelyn – and all the free swap hosts who volunteer their time to create free frugal fun in their area of town and area of interest!  We’ve currently got 18 free swaps available in the Portland Oregon and surrounding areas!  The swap host/hostess gets to decide what is swapped, where  and when, so if YOU have an idea for a swap of clothes or stuff or whatever that you would like to start, here’s how.  Then be sure to tell me so I can give you free advertising on this site!

My intent by starting Swap Positive is to create a free frugal fun environment of play and community where we clean out what we no longer need/use/love,  get together and swap with other like-minded thrifty people, and then donate remainders to organizations that give them away.  NO money exchanges hands, and all involved are active participants.  This keeps good, usable items out of landfills, allows like-minded people to gather and visit/play/hang out,  helps clear out clutter that has been weighing us down (we never wanted that fancy gift but feel obligated to keep it…that nice dress is the wrong color but it cost sooo much we don’t want to get rid of it…you know what I mean about the good clutter:).  This allows us to free ourselves of baggage we didn’t even realize was holding us back.  Then it allows us to be like kids in a candy store – we get to find new things that DO work for us – absolutely free!

I also planned that all remainders after a swap go to people or organizations that will GIVE them away free, not sell them.  I figured, I got to play for free, the venue donated their space for free, the host/hostess donated their time for free, why would I charge someone else money?  This way others get the same joy of playing with free stuff that I had – it passes on the same happy essence of play to others. You don’t know who just lost their job and who just won the lottery, but since we ALL have stuff to give, everyone is on the same level playing field .  You can bring a necklace and go home with a complete wardrobe, or you can bring all the clothes you’ve outgrown/never wear, and go home with the perfect pair of shoes.  It’s Free Frugal Fun! (No hoarders, re-sellers, or complainers allowed – if you’re looking for a specific item – go to a department store and buy it:).  But if you are open to the adventure, the ‘thrill of the chase’, the unexpected, the ordinary and the extraordinary, if you are willing to lend a hand and be open to new possibilities, then free swaps are for you!


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