Weather Watch for PCL Swap Saturday February 8th

Attention PCL swappers, concerning the Women’s size 6-12 swap Saturday February 8th:  If the city is covered in ice and it’s unsafe for Anna the swap coordinator to drive to the venue, then this swap will be cancelled. If the city is cold but the streets are not icy so Anna can get to the swap to open it up and host, consider the swap open:)  We are a warm bunch of women and the venue usually warms up as we get excited and start swapping…but you may consider wearing long underwear or long yoga clothes to the clothing swap in the gym for your comfort:)

If there is any question about the swap happening, we will post whether it is happening or not at the top of the blog roll here on the Swap Positive site by 12:30 p.m. Saturday February 8th.

We love to swap, and this Saturday will be a fun time to swap out valentines day things as well as our usual lightly-used clothing, shoes, and accessories  (if your non-clothing valentines day items are not taken by the time you leave, please gather them up and take them home with you, as the PTA clothing closet we donate remainders to cannot use them).

Thanks ladies! We’ll see you This Saturday unless the ice makes it too slick!


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