All Size Family Swap for Men Women and Kids, Sherwood, February 22nd

All Size Family Clothing Swap for Women, Men, & Children.  This event takes place at 10 am  Saturday February 22nd at Countryside Community Church 18810 S.W. Kruger Road, Sherwood. You’ll want to arrive a little early to put your things out.

There will be categories for men, women, and children.  Put your items in the correct place, then at 10am you can search through whichever categories you like.  Since kids grow so fast, this is a great way to swap out what your kids no longer wear and get new-to-you items.  It’s also a great way to clear out clothes in good shape that you no longer wear and freshen up your own wardrobe.  Bring the husband and well-behaved and monitored kids.

All remaining items will be donated to local non-profit organizations to help in Sherwood and surrounding communities.  What a great way to share, to clear out your unused items, and get some shopping in for yourself without having to spend a penny!  Bring good stuff so you get to take home good stuffJ

For more information phone weekdays at 503-925-0689 or contact

This event takes place twice a year in February and August.


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