Women’s All Size Clothing and Stuff Swap, SE PDX, December 27th

It’s Swap time once again at the Happy Valley New Seasons Market. Please RSVP as soon as possible for you and your friend(s). Don’t forget to bring not only clothes but shoes and accessories and any other goodies that you want to pass on. When we have a variety the swap gets more interesting 🙂

Ideas: books, jewelry, lotions, makeup, pens, arts and crafts and etc.

When: Friday December 27th at 7pm  (always the last Friday of the month)

Where: The Yoga studio aka conference room at the Happy Valley New Seasons Market.

If you have any questions or want to reserve your place (RSVP), pleasesend an email happyswap@hotmail.com. RSVP today!



P.S feel free to forward this info to all your gal friends 🙂

How a Clothing Swap works

  1. Declutter. Clean out your closet and find items to swap
  2. Find. Clothing Swap® events near you
  3. Attend. Bring unwanted but fab items in great condition
  4. Mingle
  5. SWAP. Take home your favorites for FREE
  6. Feel great. Relish new-to-you items and help a local charity
  7. Share. Tell your story, bring friends

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