Holiday Gift And Toy Swap, NE PDX, December 14th 2013

The Holiday Gift and Toy Swap is Saturday December 14th!  Time to gather up all the gift-able items sitting around your house creating clutter, and spread the joy this holiday season!  Check your garage, storage, attic, the kids’ room, the spare bedroom, the basement, the kitchen, the hallway closet – you know, everywhere you’ve probably stashed items you were gifted but have never used.  Items in great shape that are new or lightly used that aren’t quite ‘you’ anymore. Toys, bikes, games, electronic equipment that are new or slightly used (in working condition, with all the pieces intact, and well cleaned if it’s been in storage – the venue is carpeted and we don’t have access to any way to clean it, so we need all swap items to be free of dirt, grease, cobwebs, flaking, mud, packing peanuts, etc.). Also look for those items you purchased accidentally (tanga panty liners anyone?) Your mistake might be the perfect gift for someone else:)

I’ve been searching our house for treasures to bring to the gift swap, and found/am bringing:  a brand new craft kit still in the box, books, toys, stocking stuffers, winter hats, new handbags, gag gifts, a table top water fountain still in the box, a new box of tanga panty liners, brand new fix-a-zip zipper repair kit, jewelry, vases, and more.

Swap hostess Anna has contacted every RSVP’er and sent out a reminder email this past week to the 150 people the venue can hold.  Anna also has a waiting list, so if you find out – for whatever reason – that you or someone in your party can’t make it due to illness, unexpected plans, etc, please contact Anna at and let her know so she can offer the spot to the next in line.

What to bring?  What are the rules?  Need a refresher about the purpose of the Holiday Gift and Toy swap?  click HERE for all these details and more.  We’ve got 20 (!) Volunteers helping at this swap – taking RSVP’s, signing people in at the door, setting out the aisle markers and swap signs, helping you put out your things if needed, a professional emcee/DJ(!),  packing up the remainders, and a volunteer to pick up the remainders and deliver them to young moms and families in our community.  But a free swap wouldn’t exist without YOU – the kind-hearted thrifty people who provide the free frugal fun!  Thank You! Plus, everyone who attends a free swap is a philanthropist, because remainders are given away to people and organizations who GIVE them away, not sell them.  That’s the mission of Swap Positive and Free Swaps.

I’m getting excited!:)  See you Saturday-

Barb Hughes

P.S.  if you aren’t on the RSVP list but want to know what other free swaps are available in December, click here.

If you want to host your own gift swap (or other type of free swap such as clothing, electronics, toys, books, garden, etc.) Click here for how to start your own free swap.


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