Thanks to the PCL Swap Models for our new header!


At today’s size 6-12 swap at the Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst, several of Anna’s swappers agreed to grab something colorful from their swap bag and show it off for our new Swap Positive header/banner at the top of the page.  Thanks so much for showing not only a great assortment of colorful clothes and accessories, but for nailing the secret behind Free Swaps – playing dress-up with fun like-minded women!  Free Swaps are a place where we get to play and pamper ourselves – all for free.  We let go of stuff.  We get new stuff.  It’s shopping therapy without the price tag (as well as recycling, de-cluttering, and philanthropy – all the remainders today went to the PTA clothing closet for teens in the community).

Thanks again for your enthusiasm!

Barb Hughes, founder and volunteer swap coordinator, Swap Positive

P.S.  I needed a certain width for the header photo, but I liked the photo above too so wanted to share it as well:)


2 responses to “Thanks to the PCL Swap Models for our new header!

  1. Hannah Mickunas

    What fun! Gorgeous photo!

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