Kids Clothing, Maternity clothing, and Toys Swap, Tigard, October 21st


Colossae Church, Tigard

**MONDAY October 21st, 2013**

7:25pm – 8:00pm

Gather up unwanted, outgrown, clean clothing, small accessories, and small to medium toys in good condition and bring them to the swap!

Location: Colossae Church, 12176 SW Garden Place, (by 217/99/Hall), Tigard.   NOTE: This swap location is only partially child proofed so please leave children at home.

Swap Details:

There will be an all size women’s clothing swap right before the kid’s swap from 7:00pm to 7:20pm – please come at 6:45pm if you’d like to swap some of your own clothes.  There will also be a donation pile for men’s clothing if you wish to contribute.  For the kid’s swap, plan on arriving at 7:15pm all children’s sizes start at 7:25 – separate your clothing ahead to save time. If you have kids costumes, you can bring those as well this time.

Size Categories:

Maternity– all sizes

New baby – preemie-12mo   

Older baby – 18mo-24mo

Children – 5-7

Girls & Boy’s – 8-14+

Toys – small & medium only**

Toddlers – 2T-4T                                                     Accessories – see below for details**

**Accessories and toys can be lightly used and clean including socks, shoes, boots, hats, scarves, mittens, sunglasses, books, tapes, CD’s, videos, DVDs.


How the swap works: Clothing will be separated into size groups on the floor and marked with signs.   When you arrive place your clothes in matching size piles and wait around the outer perimeter of the room so that other swappers can place their clothing – it is important and fair to others that the swap starts at the same time for everyone and that there is no pre-swapping.  At about 7:25pm the swap host will let you know that the swap is about to begin.  At that time you will be instructed to stand in front of the clothing piles with sizes you are looking for.  When the swap host starts the swap, sort through the piles of clothing to find the items you need and put them in your bag – please remember to be generous and courteous as you are swapping clothes with your neighbors. While you swap keep track of your newly acquired items and hang on to personal belongings, if you let them out of your site they may be swapped!
What to Bring: Freshly washed, non-stained, and tatter-free clothing in good repair and usable condition. There are no minimum requirements for how many items you have to bring or how many you can take but please be considerate and kind. Items that do not get swapped will be donated to low income and high needs families in our community.              

If you have any questions about the swap or are not on our email list and would like to receive email notification of future clothing, please refer to the Swap Positive website! Please bring only clothing and small accessories to this swap.

NEXT SWAP: We try to do a kids clothing swap 3 times a year. Next one will be early 2013. Everything will always be posted on Swap Positive.

MORE SWAPS: Love to swap?  There are other swaps near you.  Go to to get contact information for other monthly clothing swaps and stuff swaps – all free.   If you are interested in having your own clothing swap and would like tips and information, speak to your swap host after the swap.

PASS IT ON: If you know someone who would be interested in attending a clothing swap please feel free to pass this email along.

The extra clothes and toys for this swap will be donated to a non-profit organization in need.


5 responses to “Kids Clothing, Maternity clothing, and Toys Swap, Tigard, October 21st

  1. Thanks for the reply. I think it’s great to have them back to back, definitely. I guess I would have preferred the kid swap first so I could have been back to put my son to bed 🙂

  2. Hi Nicole, as one of the Tigard Swap Hostesses, we are sorry the time was not convenient for you but we do have a large following of women who like the all size women’s swap and children’s clothing swap back to back. We wish we could meet everyones wishes for timing but just not possible…. Hopefully you were able to find another one that worked for you!

  3. You might also contact Nicole at as she does a Quarterly kids swap on Saturdays around noon. Contact her to find out when her next quarterly kids swap will take place:)

  4. Perhaps next time the kids swap could be scheduled before their bedtime. 7:30 is just too late for a kids swap as that is the time I need to be home to put my son to bed (being a single mother). Would have love to have gone otherwise!

    • Hi Nicole – Thanks for your comment. You might want to contact the swap hostesses directly (you can get their email from the Other Swaps page). Swaps are on the dates/times that the swap coordinators have free and that the venues are available. If you would like a swap at a time and/or location that is convenient for you, I bet there are many other mothers who would join you at an earlier time:) If you decide to start a free swap that fits your needs better, please let me know and I’ll include your information on Swap Positive. If you check under the About Swaps link you’ll find details on how to start a free swap. Thanks again for your comment. The more women who volunteer to meet their own needs, the more women who will also get their needs met:)

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