Craft Supplies Swap, NE PDX, September 29th

The first ever Free craft supplies swap!

Where: Art a la Carte (319 NE Wygant St)
When: Sunday, September 29th.We will officially start swapping at 3:45, so come a bit early to lay out your items and look around at what other people brought. Space opens at 3:15.
What is it?: Bring any art or craft supplies you no longer need.  We will lay out all the items and when the swap coordinator says “Go,” everyone may take what they will use.  It’s all free, no money changes hands.
Who: Kind adults and teens.  Please leave younger children at home, but feel free to pick up craft items for them to enjoy.
To keep swaps fun for everyone, there is no “pre-swapping.”  Swappers wait until all participants have their stuff laid out and the swap coordinator says it’s time to start.  It is important that all items are clean on the outside – no wet paint drips, grimy coating, etc.
You don’t have to take away the same amount that you brought.  Bring what you no longer use, and take what you will use, whether that means you bringone craft tool and take away a whole new set of supplies, or unload a huge collection and only find one or two items to take home.
Here’s a few suggestions of items to bring:
Patterns and books for any crafts/home decorating, any craft tools
Fabric, scraps, thread, embroidery hoops, needles, notions, scissors, quilt blocks, fabric dyes
Beads, wire, beading tools, beading organizers, beading needles, beading looms
Roving, drop spindles, cards, combs, distaff, yarn gauge, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, lap looms
Scrapbooking paper, card blanks, photo corners, stickers, eyelets, page refills, origami paper, adhesives, quilling tools, bone folder, awl, bookbinding tape, stamps, ink pads, embossing powder, heat gun
Wire, metal scraps, embossing tools
Wood scraps, useable hardware, carving tools, sandpaper
Leather scraps, leatherworking tools, leather hardware, lacing
Clay tools, air dry clay, polymer clay, friendly plastic
Acrylic paint, watercolor paint, oil paint, craft paint, brushes, canvas, stretchers, watercolor paper
Drawing pencils, colored pencils, charcoals, watercolor pencils, art erasers
Magnets, suction cups
Anything I missed that you would use for art and crafts
It will make setup time go more smoothly if you “presort” your items into groups so you do not have to stand there and sort out a mixed collection before the swap can start.
If you have anything very large you are looking to give away, please do NOT bring it to the swap.  Remember most people will be taking items home in a small car or on the bus.  You might bring a picture of a large item and/or your contact information.  We will have an opportunity for you to announce your item then.
Please note: this is a CRAFT swap.  Please do not bring items for other hobbies such as cooking or gardening.  Save them for the April and December stuff swaps.
Please RSVP to Amanda Perl to reserve a space in the swap.  This is our very first craft swap, so we don’t know how many people to expect.  If you are a swap coordinator you are encouraged to rescue non-donatable items from your swaps and contact me about including them in the craft swap.

2 responses to “Craft Supplies Swap, NE PDX, September 29th

  1. Do the items have to be new to swap or can they be used a little bit?

    • Hi Dina – go ahead and contact the swap hostess directly to make sure, but I think her description says that they can be used a bit, but still need to be in good shape/have enough life that someone else would want them.

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