Should I find a new header for this site?

My first ever attempt at a poll:)


3 responses to “Should I find a new header for this site?

  1. Since most people would like to see a pile of colorful clothing as a Swap Positive header, here’s a request. If any of you swappers have a cell phone or digital camera, would you please take some photos of a line of colorful clothing and accessories at the next swap(s) you attend, and email them to me at What would work best would be to hold the camera so the photo comes out horizontal, and the most colorful/fun items are on the center horizonal line. This is because when I turn a photo into a header, it grabs the center strip – a long skinny horizontal line – for the header. So the more color you have right to left, the better the photo will turn out. Thanks for considering! If your photo is chosen I’ll give you thanks on the Swap Positive website. Or if you want to do this at home, feel free to line up as many colorful and fun items from swaps as you have – boots, clothes, jewelry, etc. – and take a digital photo to send. Your artistic eye is appreciated:)

  2. yes,  i liked PDX clothes swap 


  3. No.

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